Welcome to our FCDC training page. This page includes online tutorials and training guides for our voter database system (Votebuilder), precinct organizing, links to candidate, staff and activist training as well as books, articles and links on political organizing. Please click on a tab below to find related training resources.

[tab name=’Voter Database‘] Our Democratic voter database system is called VoteBuilder (by NGP/VAN).  VoteBuilder has two main components, My Campaign and My Voters.  My Campaign contains volunteer information and My Voters contains our voter information.  We use VoteBuilder to help us identify and manage volunteers who, in turn, help us identify our voters, so we can get them out to vote on election day.  To gain access to an FCDC Votebuilder account, you need to complete VoteBuilder training (Please contact our GOTV Chair).  You will then also need to request access from your local District Chair.  Below are links to online tutorials and reference guides on how to use VoteBuilder.

Check the FCDC website calendar for periodic VoteBuilder training sessions in Fairfax County.
Please contact our FCDC Voter Registration and GOTV Chair to find out more about in-person training.

Contact VoteBuilder support from DPVA
Contact VoteBuilder support from NGP/VAN

Request a FREE Donkey squeeze toy (Lefty) (from NGP/VAN).


[/tab] [tab name=’Precinct Organizing‘] The precinct is the basic building block for all elections. Getting volunteers connected and talking to their neighbors is the most effective way to increase turnout and win elections. Each year, FCDC holds a retreat that trains local precinct captains and other volunteers on how to organize their precincts, recruit and manage volunteers, talk to their neighbors, energize our supporters and get them out to vote.  As a precinct captain or volunteer you will be instrumental in getting all our voters out to vote on election day.

The most important job I ever had was Precinct Captain
Harry S Truman

Above are the basics for precinct organizing.  Once you volunteer to be a precinct captain, there is also a precinct manual and GOTV guide to help you further.  Please contact our FCDC Precinct Operations Chair to find out more about precinct training and our annual retreat.  To volunteer to be a precinct captain, contact your local District Chair.

[/tab] [tab name=’Candidates & Campaigns‘] There are many options for candidates, campaign staff and activists to get the training needed to win elections.  Check each site to find training that fits your needs and schedule.

Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time.
We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.
Barack Obama

Please contact us if you are interested in running as a Democratic candidate in Fairfax County.
FCDC Endorsement process.

[/tab] [tab name=’Books and Articles‘] There are many good books and articles on organizing. These are some of our favorites, recommended by local campaign staffers.

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