Voting is the cornerstone of our democracy; sadly too few people vote especially in non-presidential election year. The members of FCDC can work to make a difference and encourage others to get out and vote.  As Democrats, we must educate our community in how easy and convenient the voting process is, encourage our family, friends, neighbors, and community to cast their vote in the 2014 elections and actively participate in the voting process ourselves.  We must never take for granted our country’s democracy.   To help us educate, encourage and actively participate, Janice Yohai, Ken Sharma, and the FCDC Voter Registration team created a detailed booklet entitled, Northern Virginia Voter’s Guide to assist members of FCDC in illustrating the different voting opportunities and the ease with which one can vote. This is a must read and share with all Democrats. Share the NoVa Voter Guide  with others. The guide addresses,

  • How a person registers to vote, verifies and/or updates his/her voter registration,
  • What voters should bring with them when they vote this year,
  • How and where does a person vote early,
  • What new regulations will affect  being able to vote in 2014,
  • The best way college students can vote, and
  • How voting is made easier for disabled voters.

The NoVa Voter Guide is packed with specific and relevant information.

Article contributed by Terry Matlaga Bell.