This page contains most of the resolutions passed by the Fairfax County Democratic Committee from 1968 – 2018.

2018 Resolutions:

Bylaws Amendment to Establish the Outreach Committee

Resolution On Semiannual Firearm and Ammunition Giveback Days

2017 Resolutions:

School Board Vacancy Election Resolution

Support of Virginia’s Participation in the National Popular Vote Initiative Resolution 

Fair Pay for Employees Resolution

Condemnation of the Sheriff’s Office Contract to Cooperate with ICE Resolution

Government Employee Pension Plan Resolution

2016 Resolutions:

Superintendent Search Resolution

2015 Resolutions:

Resolution Supporting LGBT Issues

Predatory Lending Resolution

Memorial Resolution Commerating George Burke

Resolution Honoring H.E. Harris

Election Law and Voter Protection Resolutions

Fighting Climate Change Resolution

2014 Resolutions:

Minimum Wage Increase Resolution

Appreciation of Jim Moran Resolution

2013 Resolutions:

Lifting the Ban on Uranium Mining Resolution

Resolution for Reorganization for the 2014-2015 Biennium

Deferred Action InState Tuition Resolution

Bylaws Amendments on Litigation and Conflict of Interest

2012 Resolutions:

Resolution for Superintendent Search

Resolution for the Spero Senior Citizen Award

Resolution on Bond Issues

Resolution Opposing the Eminent Domain Amendment

Resolution Amendment Scheduling Veto Session

Bylaws LGBTQA Amendment

Meeting Accessibility Resolution

2011 Resolutions:

VA College Graduation Rates Resolution

Resolution On FCDC Discipline

Resolution Honoring Maggi Luca

Equal Opportunity and FCPS Discipline System Resolutions

2010 Resolutions:

School Board Resolution on Local Composite Index

Resolution Regarding Voting Rights for Ex-Felons

Pro DISCLOSE Act Resolution for Protection of US Elections

Support of a Amendment to the US Constitution about Corporate Influence

2009 Resolutions:

Su Biderman Commeration

Senator Edward M. Kennedy Memorial Resolution

Marwan Burgan Commeration

Endorsement of Health Care Reform 

Employee Free Choice Resolution

2008 Resolutions:

Union Label Resolution

Joseph Gartlan Memorial Resolution

2007 Resolutions:

Reorganization Resolution for the 2008-2009 Biennium

1993 Resolutions:

Resolution on Intolerance and Fair Campaign Practices Committee 

1992 Resolutions:

Resolution Against the Chinese Government’s Anti-Human Right’s Policies and Resolution Submitted by the Youth Affairs Committee

FCDC Favors the Anti-Strike Breaking Bill – Senate Bill 55

1991 Resolutions:

Multiple resolutions; March 11, 1991

1990 Resolutions:

Resolution on Bylaws and Budget

Multiple Resolutions; Storm Drainage Bond, School Bond, Transportation Facilities Bond, and Housing Bond

1989 Resolutions:

FCDC Adopts the Reorganization Plan for the 1990-91 Biennium

VA Federal Budget 

1988 Resolutions:

Multiple Resolutions; September 1988

Resolutions that Address the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors and Virginia Department of Transportation on Projects

FCDC Proposed Resolution for Affordable Housing and Transportation

1987 Resolutions:

Three Nominations to become a member of the Fairfax Electoral Board

Campaigns to Create Unity Within the Democratic Party

Commends the Democratic congressional Leadership 

Multiple Resolutions; March, 1987

1986 Resolutions:

Multiple Resolutions about Voters and Voter Registration

Multiple Resolutions; March 11, 1986

1985 Resolutions:

Actions of Democratic Public Officials

1984 Resolutions:

Statewide Federal and State Elections for Democratic Nominee; May, 1985

Statewide Federal and State Elections for Democratic Nominee ; April, 1985

Urge for Proper Representation Citizen’s in the General Assembly 

1983 Resolutions:

FCDC Appreciation and Congratulation for the Fairfax County Democratic Members

Multiple Resolutions on Democratic Nominees

1981 Resolutions:

Support of Single Member Systems and Adaptation of State Legislature Program for VA

1980 Resolutions:

Multiple Resolutions; August, 1980

Resolution on System Analysis Study of Voter Records for the Democratic Party

1979 Resolutions:

Fair Campaign Practices and Funds

FCDC support and urge for investigations on death in custody

1978 Resolutions:

Multiple Resolutions; June, 1978

FCDC affirmations, endorsements, and Support efforts

1977 Resolutions:

Multiple Resolutions; December 3, 1977

Creation of a Campaign Committee and Implementation of Teen-age Youth Political Participation 

Virginia Constitutional Amendments

1976 Resolutions:

Resolution on Official Board Actions

FCDC Right to Petition and Stance on the Budget Crisis 

FCDC Resolution on School Bond Referendum 

FCDC Pledges

1975 Resolutions:

Expenditure of Funds for Implementation of the Program and Recognition of Single Member Districts 

1974 Resolutions:

The Closing of VA State Penitentiary and Support of Crime Commission Recommendations

1973 Resolutions:

Nomination for FCDC Primary Election and School Bond Referendum 

1972 Resolutions:

School Bond and Highway Construction Resolution 

1971 Resolutions:

Multiple Resolutions; May 25, 1971

Multiple Resolutions; May 15, 1971

1970 Resolutions:

Multiple Resolutions; December 31, 1970 

1968 Resolutions:

Resolution on Intolerance