July 2011

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  • Annual Sustainer Thank You Brunch
  • Sustainer Spotlight – Toddy Puller
  • Lilyan Spero: A Stalwart in Every Sense of the Word


  • May 28, 2011 Rally Against “Citizens United – Photos and Video Clips


  • Braddock
  • Dranesville
  • Hunter Mill
  • Mason
  • Mt. Vernon
  • Providence


  • 8th Congressional District Report


  • Ebbin for Senate – 30th District
  • Garvey for Senate – 30th District
  • Krupicka for Senate- 30th District
  • Areizaga-Soto for Senate – 31st District
  • Saslaw for Senate – 35th District
  • Marsden for Senate – 37th District
  • Bulova for Delegate – 37th District
  • Filler-Corn for Delegate – 41st District
  • Dobbyn for Delegate – 42nd District
  • Clifford for Delegate – 49th District
  • Lopez for Delegate -49th District
  • Hynes for School Board – Hunter Mill District


  • Honor Roll
  • Renewal Form


  • Lee’s Liberty Luau
  • 44th Annual Mason District Democratic Crab Feast
  • Re-election Reception for Ken Plum

About The Democrat

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Fairfax County Democrats are well on our way to selecting nominees this year for the General Assembly (both delegates and senators) and local officials (supervisors, sheriff, and commonwealth’s attorney). For most seats, the primary method of nomination has been the choice. In most of these instances, only one candidate filed by the June 15 deadline to seek the Democratic nomination and that candidate automatically became the Democratic nominee for the November 8 general election.

Democrats in the Braddock district will have a primary election on August 23 to select our nominee for supervisor to run against Republican incumbent John Cook. Christopher Wade, a businessman, will face Janet Oleszek, a former member of the Fairfax County School Board.

Our other candidates for supervisor are all incumbents. Board Chairman Sharon Bulova is running for re-election along with Supervisors Penny Gross (Mason district), Gerry Hyland (Mount Vernon), Jeff McKay (Lee), Cathy Hudgins (Hunter Mill), Linda Smyth (Providence), and John Foust (Dranesville). Democrats have until August 23 to select candidates by a caucus to run for supervisor in Springfield and Sully districts. Interested candidates should contact the chairs for these districts. Incumbent Sheriff Stan Berry is running for re-election as is incumbent Commonwealth’s Attorney Ray Morrogh.

The General Assembly races are also taking shape. All but one Democratic incumbent in the House of Delegates representing Fairfax County are seeking re-election. By law, General Assembly incumbents may choose their method of nomination and the House incumbents all selected a primary. When the incumbents became the only candidates to file for the primary, they became the Democratic nominees. They are: Delegates Mark Keam (District 35), Ken Plum (36), David Bulova (37), Kaye Kory (38), Vivian Watts (39), Eileen Filler-Corn (41), Mark Sickles (43), Scott Surovell (44), David Englin (45), and Jim Scott (53). Delegate Adam Ebbin is running for the State Senate, and Stephanie Clifford and Alfonso Lopez are competing for the Democratic nomination to succeed him in District 49.

Two other Democrats filed for seats currently held by Republicans. Pamela Danner is our nominee for District 34 and will face Republican incumbent Barbara Comstock in the general election. Jack Dobbyn is our nominee for District 42 and will face Republican incumbent Dave Albo. We have until August 23 to select candidates by caucus in other House districts currently held by Republican incumbents. Interested candidates should contact me or any other FCDC officer.

In the Senate, where incumbents also could choose the method of nomination, all but one seeking re-election selected primaries. Since these incumbents were the only ones to file, they are our nominees. They are: Senators Janet Howell (District 32), Mark Herring (33), Chap Petersen (34), Dick Saslaw (35), Toddy Puller (36), and Dave Marsden (37). Senator George Barker (District 39) selected a caucus method for nomination in his district and an effort is underway to schedule the caucus (details will be on our web site at FairfaxDemocrats.org).

Two primary elections will be held on August 23 to select the Democratic nominees for Senate Districts 30 and 31. These seats have been held by the retiring Senators Patsy Ticer and Mary Margaret Whipple. The candidates in the August 23 primary for Senate District 30 are Delegate Adam Ebbin, Arlington School Board member Libby Garvey, and Alexandria City Council member Rob Krupicka. The candidates for Senate District 31 are Arlington Board member Barbara Favola and Jaime Areizaga-Soto.

The U.S. Department of Justice has reportedly approved the redistricting plans for the General Assembly and for Fairfax County local government. FCDC has posted links to the new boundaries on our web site. These revised districts will be in effect for the August 23 primaries and the general election on November 8. In addition, I understand that the Board of Supervisors will be having public hearings on revised precinct boundaries which could include changed voting locations for the November 8 general election. However, current precinct boundaries and voting locations will be used for the August 23 primaries.

It is another busy year for elections in Fairfax County.

Rex Simmons


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Annual Sustainer Thank You Brunch

By Mary Ann Hovis

The FCDC Finance Committee treated our Sustainers to brunch on Sunday, June 12. Lynn Miller, Braddock District Co-Chair opened her lovely home in Fairfax for the event. Special guest was FCDC Sustaining Member Senator Dick Saslaw. Our speaker was Ruy Teixeira, senior fellow at both The Century Foundation and the Center for American Progress, and guest scholar at the Brookings Institution.

Following up on his many writings on demographic changes in the U.S. (including co-authoring The Emerging Democratic Majority), he spoke of the demographic changes in Virginia and Fairfax County in particular and the implications of those changes on our political opportunities.

Thanks to all our Sustainers who offer their continuous support to FCDC!

Mary Ann Hovis, Vice Chair, Finance, introduces Sen. Dick Saslaw

Ruy Teixeria speaks to the Sustainers

Sustainers enjoy brunch

Photos courtesy of Sue Langley.

Become a Sustainer

Take a look at our Sustainers Honor Roll. It’s displayed in The Democrat every month and at every FCDC event. How about joining these Sustainers in supporting FCDC’s ongoing operations?

You can become a Sustainer with a monthly or annual contribution. Here’s how: Fill out the Sustainers form at the back of The Democrat and mail it in with your check or credit card authorization. The cost? You can choose an annual or monthly contribution.


Champion: $2,000
Winner’s Circle; $1,200
Benefactor: $600
Leadership Circle: $300
Friend: $120


Champion: $166
Winner’s Circle: $100
Benefactor $50
Leadership Circle: $25
Friend:  $10

Please join this important group of FCDC Sustainers today.

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Sustainer Spotlight – Toddy Puller

By Virginia Field

Toddy Puller represents the 36th District, comprised of parts of Fairfax and Prince William counties. From 1992-99, Senator Puller served in the Virginia House of Delegates. She is a past chair of Mount Vernon District Committee and was a member of the FCDC Steering Committee.

How long have you been an FCDC Sustainer and why is it important to you to provide on-going annual support to FCDC?

I’ve been a Sustainer for a very, very long time because I understand the importance of secure funding to carry out a wide range of county-wide infrastructure, outreach, political, and training activities. While each district committee is different, all are united through FCDC services such as the newsletter and county-wide events that help keep people up to date and give Democrats opportunities to meet, greet, and exchange ideas. When I became chair of Mount Vernon we were in the hole financially so we started having ice cream socials and put together fund raising letters. For me, The Democrat provided connections to other county committees and a means of learning about activities elsewhere that you might replicate in your own district.

What are the things FCDC does on a continuing basis that are important to you?

FCDC is the nuts and bolts of democracy-in-action in Fairfax County. Among critical services are the absentee ballot program, back-to-school nights, and activities that increase candidate outreach and training. I’ve known of campaigns run temporarily out of the FCDC office and I can’t overstate the value of a centrally located launch point for canvassing, phone banking, literature storage, and training.

Do you have any suggestions for expanding the Sustainer Program?

2011 offers lots of good reasons to become a Sustainer. From school board to state senate candidates, having the support of the county organization could provide the winning edge. However, because off-year elections usually attract the lowest number of voters, it’s critical that FCDC have the funds to maintain democratic majorities and help set the stage in Virginia for the 2012 national elections.

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Lilyan Spero: A Stalwart in Every Sense of the Word

By Congressman Gerry Connolly

In many ways, my friend and neighbor Lilyan Spero represented the quintessential American success story.

She was the daughter of Polish Jewish immigrants who came to the United States with very little in their pockets to seek a new life. The family worked hard and she worked hard. She got herself an education. And she built a very successful life and a loving family with her husband Abe.

As a mother, as a community activist, and as a committed Democrat, Lilyan was someone who made a real difference in people’s lives. She never lost sight of where she came from. She had a strong value system for which she was an unabashed advocate, ever-willing to fight for what she thought was right.

Throughout her adult life, Lilyan was outspoken in her quest to advance her principles. But she wasn’t just a talker – she was a hard worker who delivered, time after time. She made a profound difference in how human services are delivered in our community. She was advocate for those who are disadvantaged and the poor. As somebody who cared deeply about human services, about education, about women, and about children, to name a few of her causes, Lilyan’s presence was ubiquitous and she could always be counted on to do her part, or more.

She was in many ways undaunted by physical disability, political defeat, or any other setback that came her way. Nothing deterred her from proceeding forward. She was a stalwart in every sense of the word. She showed up at everything. Lilyan could be outspoken when she needed to be, but she could also show great nuance and skill at forging compromise and negotiations in order to get to her ultimate goal.

In the world of politics, nobody was better on the phone than Lilyan Spero, even as she advanced in years. (She would never admit how old she was, so I won’t embarrass her by saying.) She could still get on that phone and make hundreds of phone calls to support a candidate, alert people about a pending election, or push an issue that mattered to her.

Lilyan was a very loyal friend to me. I go by her house every day and it is very hard for me to imagine that house without her presence.

I hope Lilyan’s family can take some comfort in knowing that she leaves behind a living legacy for all to behold. She made a real difference in her community on many different levels. She made her mark.

Lilyan Spero changed peoples’ lives for the better and gave an effective voice to those who otherwise would not have had one. She bent politicians to her will. She bent bureaucracies to her will. She worked within the system but she changed the system, and always for the better.

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A Commentary by the National Affairs Standing Committee (NAC)

Sandra J. Klassen and Dan Walsch, Co-Chairs

May 28 Rally Against “Citizens United – Photos and Video Clips
May 28 Rally Against “Citizens United
Campaign to End Corporate Dominance of Our Democracy


Blue Virginia: Jim Moran Rips Koch Industries, Out-of-Control Corporate Power

Coffee Party: Will a billion dollars of “Leadership Spending” change America’s mind about Medicare?

AFL-CIO Photos

AFL-CIO Video Clip

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Braddock District

Jan Hedetniemi and Lynn Miller, Co-Chairs

It has been an exciting couple of months for Braddock District!

In May, Braddock District formally nominated Megan McLaughlin as the FCDC and BDDC endorsed candidate for School Board. Megan is chair of the Fairfax Education Coalition and is president and co-founder of Fairgrade. In Fairfax County, she has served as a PTA president, vice president and executive board member, among many others. Braddock Democrats stand firmly behind our outstanding nominee.

On May 7, scores of Democratic faithful headed to Kilroy’s Restaurant for the 30th Annual Derby Day fundraising event. In the midst of bidding on silent auction items, hobnobbing with local elected officials, and enjoying the company of fellow activists, attendees were treated to the Kentucky Derby. Thank you to the Fairfax County Professional Firefighters and Paramedics, Local 2068 and Senator Dick Saslaw for the generous support and sponsorship, as well as Kilroy’s Restaurant.

On May 8, Braddock District Democrats gathered at the McLean Hilton for the annual FCDC JJ Dinner. Peter Fabry received the 2011 Braddock District Member of the Year award and Bill Ulman received the 2011 Braddock District Volunteer of the Year award. Megan Adamczewski, current treasurer and upcoming co-president of the GMU College Democrats, received the 2011 Charles Robb Young Leaders award. Congratulations!

On May 12, Christopher Wade held his Braddock District Board of Supervisors campaign kickoff event at the Burke Firehouse. On June 9, Janet Oleszek announced her candidacy for Braddock District Supervisor.

On June 12, Megan McLaughlin held her formal kickoff event drawing a multitude of Democratic supporters. On May 24, Braddock’s own Ilryong Moon was endorsed by FCDC for another term as at-large member of the School Board.

Braddock Democrats are planning on hosting two candidate forums this summer for the primary campaign for Board of Supervisors. Look out for updates regarding the forums.

During the recent redistricting process, Braddock needed to grow. As such, Braddock District welcomes Eagle View and Monument precincts from Springfield District. Mason District gains Bristow, a precinct that has been one of the best in terms of Democratic support. We’ll miss Bristow but know that it will continue to flourish and contribute under the Mason umbrella. Welcome new Democrats!

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Dranesville District

Ron Bleeker, Chair

The DDDC once again successfully participated in both McLean Day on May 21 and the Herndon Festival on June 3-5.

Several local campaigns had well-attended kick-off events in May/June, including those of Pam Danner for the 34th House of Delegates seat; Jane Strauss for Dranesville School Board member; and Charisse Glassman for School Board at-large. All of these campaigns, as well as that of Supervisor John Foust, have begun to actively canvass throughout the District.

We would also like to welcome our newest precinct, Coates, which has become part of Dranesville as a result of the recent re-districting. Our thanks to John Meilert and Bob Brown, long-time stalwarts of Colvin precinct, which has now been transferred to Hunter Mill District.

Our next meeting will be on Wednesday, June 22 at the Herndon ArtSpace at 7:30 pm.

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Hunter Mill District

Bettina Lawton and Robert Haley, Co-Chairs

The Hunter Mill District Democratic Committee holds its meetings on the 2nd Thursday, 7:30 pm, every month, alternating between locations in Reston and Vienna. Typical meetings include guest speakers, campaign information, and notice of HMDDC – FCDC events. HMDDC’s monthly meeting took place on June 9 when we heard from Pam Danner who is running for Delegate and from Ben Hodapp, campaign manager for Senator Chap Peterson. HMDDC’s successful presence at the Viva Vienna event on May 29 and 30 and plans for the Committee’s participation in the Vienna July 4th Festival and the Reston Festival (July 9 and 10) were discussed. The joint campaign office for Senator Janet Howell, Delegate Ken Plum, Supervisor Cathy Hudgins, and School Board candidate Pat Hynes is open at 11307B Sunset Hills Road.

The next HMDDC meeting will be help on Thursday June 9, 7:30 pm, at the Southgate Community Center in Reston.

Please refer to the Hunter Mill web site calendar at www.huntermilldemocrats.org for other local area political events, and to the FCDC web site calendar at www.fairfaxdemocrats.org for Fairfax County wide events.

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Mason District

Rachel Rifkind, Chair

The 44th Annual MDDC Crab Feast is right around the corner – September 10. Again we ask that each member promote it and sell ‘tickets – the Crab Feast is our big event leading to the election and it is our only fundraiser. We need each of you to volunteer and help make this event a huge success. Please keep track of ticket sales and turn your checks in to FCDC or Rachel as soon as you get them; ticket prices have gone up so please refer to the MDDC website for prices and encourage purchase on line at www.masondems.org. Rafael Arancibia is the chair this year and he will need all of us to work with him. As we did last year, we will have a google doc volunteer list; go there and sign up.

The next FCDC meeting is on July 20 at 7:30pm at the Mason District Government Center. FCDC meets on July 26 at 7:30pm at South County Elementary School (in the cafeteria), 8501 Silverbrook Road, Lorton.

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Mt. Vernon District

Janet Myhre, Chair

The Mount Vernon District Democratic Committee has been busy educating committee members and residents about how re-districting and proposed changes to precincts would affect Mount Vernon voters, and about Democratic and Democratic-endorsed candidates for the November 2011 election.

On May 24, FCDC members unanimously approved MVDDC’s recommendation that the committee endorse School Board member Dan Storck. All five non-incumbent at-large Fairfax County school board candidates — Maria Allen, Greg Brandon, Ryan McElveen, Ted Velkoff, and Charisse Espy Glassman — spoke and participated in Q-and-A at MVDDC’s May 17 meeting at the South County Government Center.

The committee is organizing two forums for the 30th Senate district Democratic candidates, the first a special July 21 MVDDC meeting from 7 to 9 p.m. at the South County Government Center and the second a July 28 forum that will be open to the public. The location of the second forum will be finalized soon and MVDDC will publicize the event to the community.

During Q-and-A at a June 8 public meeting, a number of residents presented concerns about proposed precinct changes in Mount Vernon to Edgardo Cortes of the Fairfax County Registrar’s office. Most residents preferred keeping Hollin Hall precinct intact and not creating a small new precinct carved out of Woodley precinct. Rather, they suggested renaming Woodley as “Riverside” precinct after the name of the elementary school where the precinct votes. The recommendations were in line with the discussion of the MVDDC executive committee the previous night. There was a high turnout of MVDDC members as well as representation from the Mt. Vernon Republican committee and local residents at the meeting. Several MVDDC members participated in FCDC’s June 5 precinct ops retreat/training at George Mason University.

Throughout May, MVDDC urged residents to take action by supporting Delegate Surovell’s petition to add Richmond Highway (Route 1) to the state’s Six Year Improvement Program.

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Providence District

Carrie Nixon, Chair

Thank you to all who joined us for this month’s Dinner & Discussion titled “I’m a Democrat because…” We had a great crowd at Macaroni Grill – including 7 new people! Special thanks to Paul James for facilitating and organizing, to Carol and Morgan Jameson for assisting, and to Ann Tyson, Ann Landy, Patricia Leslie, Phyllis Payne, and Paul Jameson for making outreach calls into Penderbrook precinct. Please keep an eye on the Providence Facebook page for information about our next Dinner & Discussion.

We had fourteen people from Providence attend the Precinct Operations retreat! We look forward to putting the information we learned there to good use in the upcoming elections.

The next full PDDC meeting will take place on Tuesday, June 28 at 7:30 pm at FCDC headquarters. We hope to see you there.

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8th Congressional District

Pixie Bell, First Vice Chair

The 8th Congressional District meets on the 3rd Monday of the month at 8 pm at the Falls Church Community Center, 233 Little Falls Street, Falls Church. There will be no meeting in July; the next meeting will be August 15.

The DPVA summit was scaled back to July 15 and 16 to exclude Sunday. 8th CD members Craig Fifer and Sandra Klassen have been actively involved in the planning. Frank Leone indicated there would be a slight change in the Virginia Delegate Selection Plan.

Delegate Scott Surovell gave an update on the House candidate recruitment efforts, and how redistricting has affected our candidates. Susan Kellom talked about the Alexandria precincts Senator George Barker now has and that George indicated how vital it was to his election that Democrats vote in those precincts. Steve Bunn noted how urgent it was that we carry the Virginia Senate (it is our only hope) and George Barker is one of the highest Republican targets.

At the State Central meeting in June, Chairman Moran appointed a Site Selection Committee for the 2012 State convention. Members from the 8th CD are Frank Leone and P.J. Palmer Johnson. We are hoping the presentations will be such that Northern Virginia, specifically Fairfax and the Patriot Center, will be chosen. Among the resolutions passed at that meeting was a memorial dedicating to W. Raymond Colley the June 4/5th meeting, held in Ray’s Fighting Ninth CD. Also passed, were resolutions saluting the careers of retiring Senators Mary Margaret Whipple and Patsy Ticer.

The VMFC met immediately following the State Central Meeting. The next State meeting, September 16 and 17, will be in Prince William County – no Warner picnic. The Democratic Black Caucus luncheon followed the SCC meeting and was outstanding, as always. Highlights included E.J. Scott’s presentation of the Freedom Riders and an Obama update given by Brandon Keating, OFA. Former DPVA vice chair, Delegate Onzlee Ware, presided and he and former DPVA Executive Director Levar Stoney received awards.

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Ebbin for Senate – 30th District

By Adam Ebbin
With summer upon us, our campaign for the 30th Senate District is in full swing! If I haven’t yet had the chance to meet you at one of our recent candidate forums or meetings, I hope to speak with you soon at an upcoming community event.

Our campaign is about sending a Senator to Richmond who has the knowledge, experience, and record needed to stand strong for our progressive values against the abuses of extremists like Ken Cuccinelli. As a member of the House, I’ve been working to rein in our Attorney General — I helped lead efforts against his attempt to allow discrimination against lesbians and gays at Virginia universities, and I introduced legislation to curtail Cuccinelli’s ability to file politically-motivated lawsuits.

For me to continue standing strong against Ken Cuccinelli and his abuses of power, I need you to stand with me during this campaign. I hope you’ll join the great volunteers on “The A-Team” as we knock on doors, make calls, and do the work needed to win in the August 23 primary. You can learn more and get involved at www.ebbinforvirginia.com or by calling at 703-739-4330.

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Garvey for Senate – 30th District

By Max Glass, Campaign Manager

Over the past month, Team Libby Garvey has gained momentum as we spread Libby’s message of vision, integrity, and real achievement throughout the 30th District. Voters know we need a champion in Richmond who’s not afraid to shake things up and find real solutions to our transportation and education challenges. We need someone who will work to actually tackle the big problems we face, and someone experienced enough to listen to her community about how they want to be represented. That’s why Libby’s been endorsed by Fairfax County’s own Gerry Hyland and Dan Storck among many others as their choice for Virginia Senate.

Join us throughout July as we talk to voters and continue to get out Libby’s message. We hold phone banks every weekday evening at our headquarters in Alexandria at 1521 King Street, just two blocks from the King Street Metro. Canvassing in Fairfax County is held every Saturday and Sunday from various staging locations in Mt. Vernon and Lee Districts. Contact Drew Archer at drew@libbyforsenate.com to get involved today.

Learn more about Libby at www.libbyforsenate.com.

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Krupicka for Senate- 30th District

As we move into summer and Election Day creeps closer, the Krupicka for State Senate campaign continues to pick up steam. Last Saturday, volunteers from around the 30th District joined Congressman Gerry Connolly to knock doors. Last Thursday, Delegate David Englin endorsed Rob. And last Wednesday, Rob hosted his second Telephone Town Hall which drew almost 2,000 participants, to talk about how we make Virginia the best state in the country to get an education.

We have seen a groundswell of support in the month of June but we need to keep it up if we are to finish strong on August 23rd. To that end, we encourage anyone who believes that we need new ideas in Richmond to contact the campaign to learn more about Rob, or to come in and spend some time working the phones or knocking doors.

Feel free to visit www.krupicka.com to sign up. Or you can call 571.228.8314 or email Jordan@krupicka.com. We hope to see you in the office and out on the campaign trail

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Areizaga-Soto for Senate – 31st District

Jaime Areizaga-Soto is committed to fighting for our Democratic values. His mother and father instilled in him the twin values of education and public service. He is an Eagle Scout, studied foreign service at Georgetown University, and graduated from Stanford Law School. He is the vice president of the Democratic Latino Organization of Virginia (DLOV). Jaime is a JAG lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Army National Guard, a former White House Fellow and a lifelong Democrat.

The Jaime Areizaga-Soto for Senate campaign has been in full swing throughout the 31st District and Fairfax County. Jaime has been knocking on doors in most of the Dranesville District. The campaign sincerely appreciates the support from voters in the Dranesville District and Colvin precinct.

Just last week, Fairfax County’s own Delegate Kaye Kory endorsed Jaime Areizaga-Soto for the 31st District. Jaime has also been supportive of the Pamela Danner campaign for the House of Delegates as he attended her campaign kick-off event and the “Friendraiser” at the home of the Honorable Margi Vanderhye.

Please visit our website, www.JaimeForSenate.com, and learn more about this grassroots campaign. While you are there, sign up to volunteer at our new office location: 4600 Lee Highway, Suite 213A, Arlington, VA.

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Saslaw for Senate – 35th District

By Peggy Kugler, Campaign Manager

The campaign has launched and is well on its way to victory on November 8. Welcome to the new constituents of the 35th Senate district. We look forward to meeting you all.

It is official – the Department of Justice has cleared the state legislative redistricting bill, HB5005 (signed by the Governor), putting the new districts in place. The 35th Senate District will cover precincts in Fairfax County, the City of Alexandria and all 5 wards of Falls Church City. In anticipation, the Saslaw for State Senate campaign has been very active in all three districts. We have attended festivals, parades, and collected petition signatures in the City of Falls Church, the City of Alexandria, and Fairfax County. Thank you to the many volunteers who came out and participated despite the record breaking heat. Many thanks to all the supporters and attendees at our May 22 kickoff. We are on a roll!

However, we have only just begun… and there are many more volunteer opportunities available this summer and leading up to Election Day on Tuesday, November 8. Follow the campaign on Facebook.com/DickSaslaw. Visit our website www.DickSaslaw.com to volunteer and help us to keep the Senate BLUE! Because the Majority Matters.

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Marsden for Senate – 37th District

If you have been driving around Fairfax County you know campaign season is on. Yard signs have already begun to fill medians. I just recently filed my paperwork for re-election…and so did two Republicans. They are in a heated primary set for August 23 and we will be ready for their nominee. My team has a great plan to send me back to Richmond but it’s going to take help from the great Democrats that call Fairfax County home.

I’m happy to announce a 100% rating from Virginia League of Conservation Voters. I care deeply about Virginia’s natural treasures and will fight for them. Recently, I joined the governor to sign a bill I sponsored to help re-entry of juvenile offenders. Efficiently and effectively helping young Virginians in the Juvenile correctional system is worth working across party lines to craft solutions.

We have a packed summer planned, starting with a July 9, 10:30 am office opening party with Eileen Filler-Corn and special guest Governor Timothy M. Kaine, 70th governor of Virginia. Please join us at our office located at 5618-COx Road, Fairfax Station, VA. Give us a call at 571.249.3037 or email Emily@marsdenforsenate.com to RSVP or if you can volunteer.

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Bulova for Delegate – 37th District

By David Bulova

My campaign is quickly picking up speed now that the new district lines have been drawn. I have hired a new campaign manager, Angela Ruslander, who grew up in snowy Buffalo. She has worked on campaigns in Iowa and New Hampshire and is excited to add Fairfax County to her resume. I am opening up my campaign headquarters this week! It’s located at 11211-J Lee Highway in Fairfax or you can call my office at (571) 293-0769. If you live in the new sections of my district you may have recently seen me as I go door-to-door introducing myself to my new constituents. I am sad to lose the old parts of the 37th but excited to represent my new precincts.

I need your help more than ever as my campaign heads into the summer. I need volunteers to walk with me in the City of Fairfax 4th of July parade. Please put on a Bulova for Delegate T-shirt or hold a sign with me in the parade. If you can volunteer please email me at info@davidbulova.com.

Together we can win!

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Filler-Corn for Delegate – 41st District

Please join us for the opening of our campaign office with Senator Dave Marsden.
Governor Timothy M. Kaine, 70th governor of Virginia, will be our special guest.

Saturday, July 9, from 10:30 am-12 pm at 5618-COx Road, Fairfax Station, VA.
After the opening, please join us for an afternoon canvass or phone bank.

To RSVP or to sign up to volunteer please call 571-249-3453 or email: missy@eileenfillercorn.com.

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Dobbyn for Delegate – 42nd District

By Jack Dobbyn

Fellow Democrats, our efforts to unseat Dave Albo are going strong! Knowing that I can do better than my current representation, I am running to provide my two young daughters with the same opportunities that I had growing up in Fairfax County and to do the same for you and your family.

As the vice president of my family’s real estate consulting business, I understand what it takes to meet a payroll, create jobs, and grow a local economy. As the president of the Fairfax County Young Democrats, I am fighting for our values and priorities on the campaign trail and holding our opponent accountable for his record. And as your delegate, I will be our tireless advocate in Richmond to fight for better schools, roads, and our fair share of the tax dollars we send there. Please visit www.jackdobbyn.com and join our grassroots and fundraising efforts to spread just that message.

Jack’s Birthday Canvass Saturday, July 2: 12-4 pm

Lorton and Orange Hunt Independence Day parades Monday, July 4
Contact: Kenton Ngo, kenton@jackdobbyn.com or 703-606-4167

Cocktail reception with Congressman Jim Moran Wednesday, July 13: 7-9 pm
Mansion House Club 9321 Old Mount Vernon Road, Alexandria
RSVP: Matt Bell, matt@jackdobbyn.com or 703-606-2947

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Clifford for Delegate – 49th District

By Stephanie Clifford

It’s been an exciting month! During my 49th Delegate campaign, I’ve met many wonderful residents and talked about issues important to them while personally knocking over 2,000 doors throughout every precinct in the district. I’ve gotten a resounding response from local groups that do important work for our community.

I’m proud to have the support of elected officials and community leaders including former U.S. House member and six year-Virginia delegate Leslie Byrne; retiring 30th District Virginia State Senator Patsy Ticer; former state senator Emilie Miller; Arlington County Commissioner of Revenue Ingrid Morroy; Francis O’Leary, the Arlington County treasurer; and Arlington County Committee immediate past chair Peter Rousselot. I’m also honored by an endorsement from the Women’s Campaign Forum.

Virginia is in a backslide-we must stop the destructive Republican policies that make it harder to live, work, and raise a family in the Commonwealth. Northern Virginia represents the best of progressive values and as delegate, I will fight to make sure we keep Virginia moving forward.

Please vote for me on August 23. Visit stephanieclifford.org/ or call 703-725-7883 to join the fight for Virginia.

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Lopez for Delegate – 49th District

No matter the summer heat, our Lopez for Delegate team continues to phone bank, knock doors, and do the work necessary to build the grassroots and the Democratic Party.

Alfonso is a lifelong Northern Virginia Democrat and activist with a record of achievement in our community and nearly 20 years of Federal/Virginia legislative experience on issues critical to the people of Fairfax County. An Obama administration political appointee, Kaine administration cabinet-level appointee, and long-time environmental advocate, he has the passion and experience to make the best case for our values and needs in Richmond.

“I will fight for better schools, a sustainable transportation solution, new jobs, our vibrant small businesses, and the Democratic values we all hold dear. I am honored to have the support of hundreds of Democrats, including former Fairfax County Board Chair Kate Hanley, Senator Mary Margaret Whipple, former 49th District Delegate Karen Darner, Delegate Scott Surovell, Delegate David Bulova, former Fairfax County School Board member Janet Oleszek, Sheriff Beth Arthur, and Arlington Board Chair Chris Zimmerman.”

Join our team of local activists or come to an event (www.AlfonsoForDelegate.com) and help us bring an experienced, hard-working, progressive champion to Richmond.

Contact us at AlfonsoForDelegate@gmail.com or 571.241.5840.

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Hynes for School Board – Hunter Mill District

By Pat Hynes

Thank you FCDC members for your endorsement of my campaign for FCPS School Board for the Hunter Mill District! It is only with your support that I have a good chance of being that teacher’s voice for children that I believe the next school board needs.

I have a Republican-endorsed opponent who has PTA experience in the Reston community and is wisely presenting herself as a moderate. In fact, sources tell me she has campaigned for Steve Hunt, Senator Dave Marsden’s opponent and certainly not a moderate voice. We need Democratic values on our next school board, as we recover from budget cuts and growing enrollments, fully restore teacher compensation, close persistent achievement gaps, and reinvigorate classroom instruction that has become increasingly focused on high-stakes tests. This is no time for the Republicans’ national anti-public education playbook to gain traction here in Fairfax County.

My campaign is heating up with the summer weather! With school out for me, I can spend those extra ten hours a day campaigning. Please contact me at hynesforschoolboard@gmail.com to get on my email list. Find me also on Twitter and Facebook at VotePatHynes.

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Honor Roll

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Sustainer Sign Up or Renewal Form

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Lee’s Liberty Luau

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44th Annual Mason District Democratic Crab Feast

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Re-election Reception for Ken Plum

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