August 2011

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About The Democrat

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Vote. Volunteer. Donate money if you can. These are the keys to electing the terrific Democratic candidates who are running for local and state public office this year.

VOTE This year’s elections are “off-year” elections because neither the President nor the Governor will be on the ballot. Historically, countywide turnout during off-year elections is under 40 percent. Getting Democratic voters to the polls is the key for our candidates every year, but even more so in this election cycle. Vote. And get your Democratic friends to vote.

VOLUNTEER Campaigns rely on volunteers and there is always a need for volunteers to answer phones, stuff envelopes, call voters or canvass voters by going door-to-door. Call FCDC, go to or visit a campaign office to help. Please do not delay. The investment of time in August pays off many times over as we get closer to the General Election.

DONATE Contested campaigns for the House of Delegates, the State Senate, and the Board of Supervisors can cost anywhere from a quarter of a million dollars to over $1 million each. Candidates for other positions must often spend tens of thousands of dollars. Our Democratic candidates need your help, especially in these tough economic times. Please consider donating directly to candidate campaigns.

FCDC also needs funds to operate and help our candidates. This year we will mail likely Democratic voters a guide that will be particularly helpful with redrawn districts and new poll places, continue our highly successful absentee ballot program, represent our candidates at back-to-school nights throughout Fairfax County, and have volunteers outside the polls on Election Day with sample ballots to help voters know who the Democratic candidates and Democratically endorsed candidates are. Go to to make a contribution—no amount is too small.

With your help, we can win in November.


Rex Simmons,


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Frank Anderson New FCDC Executive Director

by Lee Dems

Welcome to Frank Anderson as the new Executive Director for the Fairfax County Democratic Committee (FCDC). Selected from more than 40 candidates, Frank was confirmed unanimously and enthusiastically as the Executive Director by the FCDC Steering Committee on July 12. Frank is a recent graduate of George Mason University and new father. He is well known in the Democratic community in Northern Virginia and across the Commonwealth as a hard-working, technologically proficient, grass-roots oriented and committed Democrat. Frank has been involved with many, many campaigns and has been an important leader in The Brigades.

A longtime Fairfax County resident, Frank was most recently Vice Chair of the Springfield District Democratic Committee and Co-Chair of the George Mason University Democrats. He is also the Legislative Chair of the Fairfax County Federation of Citizens Associations.

Frank will be a terrifically valuable asset to the FCDC family to help deliver the vision of the Committee in our mission to elect Democrats, and we all look forward to working together with him. To contact Frank:

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Intern Spotlight

Ali Amirghassemi is currently a rising senior at George C. Marshall High School and is an IB Diploma candidate. His IB Economics teacher convinced him to apply for a summer internship with the Fairfax County Democratic Committee.

Ali has always had a keen interest in domestic and local politics. When he was eight years old, he always dreamed of becoming a town mayor. During the 2008 president election, he always ran to the family computer after school to tinker with the electoral maps to see how many states Obama needed to win.

Ali sees his internship with FCDC as an experience to learn about the inner-workings of local political systems and how campaigns are conducted. He also hopes his tenure with FCDC gives him a solid foundation in politics if he chooses to study political science in college.

Ali’s other interests include economics, history and foreign affairs. He wants to either study foreign affairs or political science and hopes to attend Georgetown University or the University of Virginia.

At school, Ali participates in Model United Nations (MUN) and is the Managing Editor of Marshall’s award-winning newspaper, Rank & File. He also founded the Social Studies Honor Society at Marshall and is a member of the National Honor Society. Outside of school, Ali practices Enshin Karate and is currently a yellow belt. He also takes Thai Boxing classes.

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A Brief Memoir of the First Virginia Summit

By Sandra J Klassen

Hosted by the Democratic Party of Virginia (DPVA), Organizing for America (OFA) and the Virginia Commonwealth University Democrats, over 500 Democrats and activists from across the state convened at the first Virginia Summit in Richmond July 15-16, 2011, to participate in the largest training program of its kind in the history of the party.

DPVA First Vice Chair Gaylene Kanoyton introduced the Summit concept to Chairman Brian Moran who appointed co-chairs Fred Hudson, Craig Fifer, Mike Signer, and me to join her in developing it. It was a pleasure collaborating with this smart creative team.

The Summit was called “Educate. Train. Win.” Our goal was to empower Virginia Democrats and other participants with a rich assortment of political training and policy education to attract and engage new Democrats, inspire our base and win elections. The hundreds of new people who attended, along with our party faithful, attested that the Summit goals were on target. ( See full Summit schedule and resource page. )

Implementing every detail of this impressive, professional conference, were DPVA’s Dave Mills, Don Mark, Tyee Davenport, Brian Coy, Dawn Hillard, OFA State Director Brandyn Keating, and the many outstanding DPVA staff and interns.

Summit highlights included a welcome reception with Congressman “Bobby” Scott, a presentation by former Virginia Secretary of Technology Aneesh Chopra, and a closing reception with Richmond Mayor Dwight Jones. Additionally, I enlisted campaign strategist Dave “Mudcat” Saunders to address the Chairman’s breakfast.

Dr. Drew Westen delivered the Keynote Address, “Branding Our Values,” to enthusiastic outbursts and applause followed by an explosive standing ovation. While recruiting Drew Westen, I assessed that his messaging insights were crucial to our mission to build and sustain a blue Virginia, and decided to fund his honorarium myself. He exceeded my expectations, and the Summit audience seemed to agree.

The political training sessions were devoted to in-depth candidate preparation; communications and messaging; outreach and alliances, effective committee management; and the party organization.

Among the policy education sessions, those I assembled included: Lorelei Kelly, Brian Katulis, and Michael Shank and moderator Carol Pretlow addressing “Iraq, Afghanistan, and US Global Engagement;” Meg Gruber, Cynthia Brown, Shital Shah, Andy Rotherham and moderator Mamie Locke discussing “Education and Investing in America’s Future Leaders;” Judy Feder, Vincent Lafronza, Len Nichols, Michael Cook and moderator Patrick Hope framing “Healthcare-Understanding the Critical Debates, the New System, and Virginia’s Role;” and Robert D. Atkinson, Jonathan M. Aberman, Christian Dorsey and moderator Roger Stough examining “Economy and Jobs: National and State Realities.”

Mike Signer moderated “Energy and the Environment,” and Brian Coy recruited experts J.R. Tolbert and Stan Lassiter.

My “Brief Memoir” ends with the salient remark, echoed by many, of one alumnus, “this Summit shows us that the party cares about what we think, not just what we do.”

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National Affairs

National Affairs Standing Committee (NAC)
Sandra J Klassen and Dan Walsch Co-chairs
Commentary by Guest Author Kenneth Bernstein

Why I Am NOT “Waiting for Superman”

I am a teacher. The words in quotes are the title of a movie that was intended, along with NBC’s Education Nation conference, to drive the discussion of educational policy in this nation in a particular direction. That is a policy which favors charter schools, tends to blame teachers and teachers unions, and masks the real motivations of some of the backers.

My credentials, for what they are worth, is 16 years of public school teaching (after a long career in data processing in the government and for private firms), being a National Board Certified Teacher, a Washington Post Agnes Meyer Outstanding Teacher, and being nationally known (both under my own name and as “teacherken”) for my online writing about education.

The Davis Guggenheim film is flawed and in some ways intellectually dishonest. It is worth noting that it did NOT receive an Oscar nomination for Best Documentary, in part because its presentation was outside the bounds of what most documentarians consider acceptable practice.

It is worth noting some of the players driving educational policy are foundations, including those of Bill Gates, Eli Broad, the Walton family and others. Diane Ravitch has referred to them as “the Billionaire Boys Club.” The motives of their funding may be mixed, but the funding has a tendency to crowd out any other point of view – those of us in the classroom cannot put millions into promoting our point of view.

It was heavily featured at Education Nation, including being quoted from in the Teacher Town Hall by Brian Williams. Unfortunately it presents “facts” in a misleading way, which clearly seems to be part of a concerted effort to drive the discussion. It is worth noting some of the players driving educational policy are foundations, including those of Bill Gates, Eli Broad, the Walton family and others. Diane Ravitch has referred to them as “the Billionaire Boys Club.” The motives of their funding may be mixed, but the funding has a tendency to crowd out any other point of view – those of us in the classroom cannot put millions into promoting our point of view.

Some of the other “players” have motives that should not be in question. Hedge Fund operators often back charter schools because they see ways to profit, often from buying the buildings of the charters and renting them back. Some charter school operators pay should not be in question. Hedge Fund operators often back charter schools because they see ways to profit, often from buying the buildings of the charters and renting them back. Some charter school operators pay their leaders exorbitant salaries: some running several charters with a few thousand students pay themselves far more than superintendents of districts with over 100,000 students.

The Guggenheim film fundamentally misconstrues the process of education: it is not the teacher pulling back the skull of the student and pouring in knowledge. I presume most of those reading these words know that from their own experience.

What is wrong with the approach of things like this is that the voices educators are excluded, as often are the voices of parents, and most certainly the voices of students.

I’m not waiting – for Superman or for the Billionaire Boys Club. I teach, write about education, and serve on the executive committee of the Save Our Schools March and National Call to action – – which seeks to change the discussion about our public schools. Visit our website, see who is supporting us and why. When the voices of educators and parents are included, schools will be different and better for the students.

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Braddock District

Jan Hedetniemi and Lynn Miller, Co-Chairs

On July 4th, volunteers and candidates filled the streets of Old Town Fairfax to celebrate our nation’s independence. Delegates Eileen Filler Corn and David Bulova, along with State Senators David Mardsen and Chap Peterson, U.S. Senator Mark Warner, Fairfax County Board of Supervisors Chairman Sharon Bulova and former governor Tim Kaine marched alongside supporters and community leaders in merriment of our nation’s birth. Special thanks go out to the supporters of our local and state leaders.

On July 8th, Delegate Eileen Filer Corn and David Marsden opened up their reelection campaign headquarters with special guest former Governor, and current U.S. Senate candidate Tim Kaine. Droves of supporters came out to sustain our candidates and wish them the best of luck during the current campaign season.

Our Board of Supervisor candidates had special events throughout the month of July, vying for the right to take on Supervisor John Cook. We wish both of our candidates the best of luck in the August primary and cannot wait for the candidate forums. Once again, we welcome our friends from Monument and Eagle View precincts formerly of the Springfield District.

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Lee District

Steve Bunn and Hugh Robertson, Co-Chairs

Thanks to everyone who helped out with our Lee District Luau on July 23rd. Special thanks to our Fundraiser Chair, Kathy Robertson, and our host, Susie Warner.

Our next Lee District Democratic Committee meeting will be on Thursday, August 25th at 7:30pm in the home of Susie Warner.

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Dranesville District

Ron Bleeker, Chair

The DDDC held its June 22 meeting at a unique and interesting venue — the Herndon ArtSpace. Thanks to Cesar del Aguila for arranging this and for providing the great refreshments. At the meeting, the committee heard reports from several candidates and campaigns. These included comments by Supervisor John Foust,and State Senate candidate Barbara Favola, as well as representatives for Pam Danner, Bob Brink, Mark Herring, and OFA.

The following week, DDDC sponsored Democrats Dine Out at e-Citi in Tysons Corner. Thanks to Leslie Mason for making the arrangements, and to our friends from other Districts (especially from the Hunter Mill DDC) who joined us. Also dining with us were Delegate Bob Brink, State Senate candidate Jaime Areizaga-Soto, and School Board candidate Ted Velkoff.

The Fourth of July was a busy day for Dranesville Dems. In the morning, we were well represented in the Great Falls Parade, marching with Supervisor John Foust (who was also the Parade’s Grand Marshall), Delegate candidate Pam Danner, and School Board member and candidate Jane Strauss. The Parade also included contingents for both of the candidates for the 31st Senate nomination. In the evening, all of these candidates were busy greeting people and handing out balloons at the Langley High School fireworks and concert.

On July 18, DDDC (in cooperation with the Loudoun Country Democratic Committee) is sponsoring a Candidates Forum for the 31st Senate District nomination at the Great Falls Public Library at 7:30 PM.

Our next committee meeting will be on August 4th, at the McLean Government Center at 7:30 PM.

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Mason District

Rachel Rifkind, Chair

The 44th Annual MDDC Crab Feast is right around the corner – September 10. Flyers are available on the website. The committee needs all members to kick it up a notch, sell tickets, sign on to help set up, put up the tent, and clean up. Most of all we need you to sell tickets – the Crab Feast is our big event leading to the election and it is our only fundraiser. We need each of you to volunteer and help make this event a huge success.

Please keep track of ticket sales and turn in your checks to FCDC or Rachel as soon as you get them. Please refer to the MDDC website for prices and encourage purchase on line at  Rafael Arancibia is the chair this year and he will need all of us to work with him. As we did last year we have a google doc volunteer list; go there and sign up.

We are not at a loss for campaigns to sign up for – our house candidates: Sandy Evans and the At Large school board candidates (Ted Velkoff and Ilryong Moon), Delegates Watts, Kory, Scott, and the winner of the primary in the 49 th need to be returned to Richmond to make sure our interests continue to be protected. The State Senate must stay in Democratic hands – Senators Saslaw, Marsden and Petersen need our boots on the ground too. Senator Marsden is new to Mason and is working very hard to get to know his new precincts – please help him out. I cannot emphasize enough how critical it is that we do all we can to keep control of the State Senate.

Thanks to all who came out for Penny’s campaign office opening in early July. The turnout was terrific and showed how ready Mason District voters are to work for her re-election. Penny’s campaign manager, one of our own, Jan Reitman is busy at work scheduling house parties and could use your help and ideas for events in the district. The campaign office is at 6715 Little River Turnpike, Suite 304 and Jan can be reached at 703-941-1020 or

The next FCDC meeting is on September 27 (location TBD) and the next MDDC meeting is on August 16 at the Mason Government Center.

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Providence District

Carrie Nixon, Chair

We are taking a break from our Dinner & Discussion series for July and August to focus our efforts on follow-up outreach to new attendees. We look forward to reconvening for some terrific discussions in September.

The next regularly scheduled PDDC meeting is on Tuesday, August 23rd, 7:30pm at FCDC Headquarters. However, please check the calendar or email shortly before this date as we may need to reschedule due to the primary election.

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Hunter Mill District

Bettina Lawton and Robert Haley, Co-Chair

The Hunter Mill District Democratic Committee holds its meetings on the 2nd Thursday, 7:30PM, every month, alternating between locations in Reston and Vienna. Typical meetings include guest speakers, campaign information, and notice of HMDDC – FCDC events. HMDDC’s monthly meeting, devoted to the HMDDC School Board Endorsement, took place on July 14th with discussion that included the Hunter Mill Dems Annual Picnic on July 23rd, Precinct Captains, allocation of funds, and member conduct.

The next FCDC County-Wide meeting is on July 26th. The next HMDDC meeting will be help on Thursday August 11th, 7:30PM, at the Flint Hill Elementary School in Vienna. The September HMDDC meeting will be held at the Southgate Community Center in Reston.

The next FCDC County-Wide meeting is on July 26th. The next HMDDC meeting will be help on Thursday August 11th, 7:30PM, at the Flint Hill Elementary School in Vienna. The September HMDDC meeting will be held at the Southgate Community Center in Reston.

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8th Congressional District

Pixie Bell, First Vice Chair

The 8th CD meets on the 3rd Monday of the month at 8 PM at the Falls Church Community Center, 233 Little Falls St., Falls Church.  The next meeting will be August 15th.

Congressman Jim Moran and Gerry Connolly with Senators Webb and Warner, wrote a letter to Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta expressing their concern with the implementation of BRAC  Recommendation #133, which moves nearly 5,000 employees to the Mark Center by Dec. 2011 – before transportation infrastructure improvements are put in place. DOD laid out the following plan: August 9th –   Occupation of the Mark Center begins; Sept. 15th – 2,300 personnel will be housed in the building; Sept. 15th – Dec. 31st – another 2,600 scheduled to move in; Jan 1, 2012 – Relocation of final 1,400 employees begins.

A recent Post article noted that the bus plan for I-95 HOT lanes has been dropped due to the loss of about $200 million in revenue.  This loss of bus service that was estimated to carry 5,000 daily passengers by 2020, comes as Northern Virginia prepares for massive traffic problems when 6,400 defense workers begin to transfer to the Alexandria Mark Center office complex.  Now, the HOT lanes will go no further north than the Capital Beltway.

The first ever DPVA/Organizing For America/VA Young Dems Summit (July 15,16) was a huge success with over 500 Democrats attending.  Chairman Moran, First Vice Chair Gaylene Kanoyton, OFA staff, and from the 8th CD Sandra Klassen, Craig Fifer and Mike Signer, all put in a great deal of effort,  with Sandra doing a great deal of the planning and implementing. The result was a very professional conference.  Sandra Klassen has submitted an in-depth article on the Summit in this issue of the Democrat.  Information is also available on the DPVA Summit 2011 Resource Page and on Frank Leone’s Dem Rulz Report.

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Krupicka for Senate- 30th District

Carter Batey, Campaign Manager

Team Krupicka is ready for the final push toward August 23rd. Our campaign of new ideas was recently endorsed by the Washington Post and the Sierra Club, and voters across the District have been energized by Rob’s positive message.

That message has stayed the same since Day One: We have to make Virginia the best state in the country to get an education. We have to be better stewards of our environment and invest in a truly connected mass transit system that links Arlington, Alexandria and Fairfax. We have to fulfill our commitment to our veterans returning from war. And to do these things we need new ideas in Richmond.

We’ve come incredibly far since the start of this campaign, but we can’t do this last part by ourselves: we need your help to finish strong.

Our staff and volunteers are making phone calls every night of the week from 5:00pm to 9:00pm, and we’d love to have you join them. Call 571.228.8314 or email to let us know when to expect you.

The same goes for the most effective form of voter contact yet devised: knocking doors. On Saturdays starting at 10:00am, and on Sundays starting at 12:00pm our teams hit the streets to talk directly to voters about the important issues in this race.

Again, you can call 571.228.8314 or email to sign-up.

We’re almost there, and we wouldn’t be where we are without the help of countless individuals from around the region. We are grateful for the support we have received so far, but now it’s time to buckle down and begin the sprint toward the finish line. August 23rd is just around the corner.

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Ebbin for Senate – 30th District

Adam Ebbin

On August 23, voters in the 30th Senate District will choose a new Senator to represent them in Richmond. The question before the voters in this primary isn’t about policy or politics. With three solid Democrats running, there’s very little difference between our positions on the major issues. Instead, the question voters must answer is, “who can best get the job done in the Senate?”

After eight years in the House, I have the experience, knowledge and relationships needed to be successful in the Senate. I’ve been a champion for our progressive values in Richmond, and passed legislation supporting our environment, our senior citizens, our transit system and other key progressive priorities. I’ve been the leading voice against Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, and will continue to stand against him in the Senate.

During this campaign, I’ve had to great pleasure to speak with so many of you at your door, at a debate, or at another local function. I would be truly honored to have your vote. Election Day is August 23, and you are likely eligible to vote early. To learn more about my candidacy, and absentee voting, please visit or call 703-739-4330.

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Saslaw for Senate – 35th District


As the summer weather heats up, so does Senator Saslaw’s focus and drive to ensure the Democratic Majority in the Virginia Senate. Dick continues knocking on doors in the 35th District, garnering support for Senate Democrats, and working with candidates across the Commonwealth. He has been traveling all over Virginia to let people know that Senate Democrats are dedicated to keep Virginia moving forward. From now until the election, he will be working tirelessly to put Virginia Democrats in a strong position toward victory on November 8.

Senate Democrats have made record investments in our schools, secured gains in transportation infrastructure, and worked to expand opportunity for all Virginians. Our Majority Matters, – every phone call, every farmer’s market, every contribution and every door knock brings us one step closer to success. We all know how important FCDC’s efforts are in helping put Democrats over the top this November.

Dick is counting on you and all FCDC members to keep a legislative balance in Richmond. Its no state secret that the Republicans and the Tea Party have their sights aimed at the only safeguard of common sense and an important balance of power in the state legislature. Working together we will prevail on Election Day.

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Marsden for Senate – 37th District

Last winter we had “Snowpocalypse”, now we have the “Sweat Ceiling”. It’s great to know that a few feet of snow couldn’t bury our great volunteers, nor has one of the hottest summers on record. I want to thank you for a great show of support at our office opening with Gov. Tim Kaine and Del. Eileen Filler-Corn…testing our AC for the standing room only event.

In other news, I’m happy to announce the endorsement of the Virginia New Majority, a great organization with a great message. Just recently, the Governor signed into law a bill I wrote to reduce underage drinking and driving. I worked closely with the Department of Justice to successfully fix a discrepancy in the Virginia code many legislators have tried and failed to fix.

Our next big volunteer appreciation day is August 13th at our office in Fairfax Station, I hope you can join. Please call 703.865.7425 or email for more details. Hope to see you there and keep cool…

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Clifford for Delegate – 49th District

Stephanie Clifford

We need a Delegate with perspective and the right temperament to represent our 49 th District.

Right now in Virginia LESS THAN ONE IN FIVE DELEGATES IS A WOMAN.  That is wrong.  I will bring a unique perspective to the General Assembly, one that is desperately needed.  I will stand up to the radical conservative agenda that is threatening our values in Northern Virginia. The Republican anti-education, anti-choice, anti-family, anti-LGBT, poor economic policies and environmentally destructive actions require a true progressive to continue the struggle that’s already begun.

As your delegate, I will ensure that your progressive voice is heard throughout the Commonwealth.

By funding a stronger, earlier education through a fair tax program, young Virginians will build the Commonwealth’s prosperity for both today and the future.

The GOP is determined to degrade women’s health services and I have called for them to end their hypocrisy. I have called for all insurance companies to adopt the recommendations of the IOM report that suggests Birth Control be covered with out co-pays.  We must protect choice, as it affects women and their families. It is simply unacceptable that Republicans want to shut down health care clinics that are vital to the well-being and health of women.

I have made a cornerstone of my campaign the equality of LGBT families. There is no excuse when it comes to failing to empower them with the full rights and privileges the majority of Americans enjoy. I will take the movement we have begun in our community to the halls of the General Assembly.

So, on August 23, choose the candidate with the perspective and temperament to be A Voice For Your Values and vote for me as the next Delegate for the 49 th District.

Let’s move Virginia forward.

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McElveen for School Board At-Large

At the July 26th Fairfax County Democratic Committee (FCDC) general membership meeting at Fairfax High School, members present voted to endorse Ryan McElveen for School Board At-Large. Ilryong Moon, Ted Velkoff and Charisse Espy Glassman had been endorsed at the May 24th meeting; however, Espy Glassman had since withdrawn necessitating a special vacancy endorsement vote. McElveen barely missed the endorsement at the May 24th meeting and was faced by Jeannie Armstrong in this new round, which he won by just two votes.

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Wade for Braddock District Supervisor

Chris Wade’s campaign to become the Democratic nominee for Braddock District Supervisor is in full swing in the lead up to the August 23rd primary. He has been endorsed by Sharon Bulova, Chairman of the Board of Supervisors and former Braddock District Supervisor for over 20 years. She has said that Chris represents “A New Day in Braddock.” He has also been endorsed by State Senator Dave Marsden, Delegate Vivian Watts, Supervisor Penny Gross (Mason District) and Supervisor Jeff McKay (Lee District).

In the past month, the Wade for Supervisor campaign has held numerous events, canvasses, and phonebanks. On July 17 th, Chairman Bulova and State Senator Marsden were both special guest speakers at the Wade Campaign’s Iced Tea Social. The Wade campaign also held its Canvass Kick-off on July 16 th where Chris and volunteers knocked on hundreds of doors! The Wade campaign volunteers have been extraordinary in this primary, especially when it comes to phonebanking, making hundreds of calls a day.

Feel free to visit our website at If you would like to volunteer for Chris or would like to sign-up for campaign updates, please e-mail!

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Oleszek for Braddock District Supervisor

My campaign is running strong. Since announcing, We have knocked on over 2300 doors and spoken to hundreds of voters all across the district. Our positive message based on my experience as an elected official is resonating across the electorate.

Recently, Senator Chap Petersen penned a letter to voters asking them to join him in supporting my campaign and to vote on August 23. To quote Senator Petersen, “I Believe Janet has what it takes to win the nomination, win the general election, and represent the voters of Braddock with intelligence and passion”.

My new campaign website,, was recently launched. I invite you all to take a look.

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Honor Roll



Thank you to our donors who have made a commitment to support

the operation of the Fairfax County Democratic Committee

with ongoing monthly or annual contributions


Burma & Rick Bochner, Susan Capitelli, Bob & Mary Ann Hovis,

Thomas Greeson, Nancy & Edward Rice, Ronald & Paula Seward

Winner’s Circle

Nancy & Omar Kader, Marie Ridder, Senator Toddy Puller,

Hon. Richard Saslaw, Kathryn Walker



Bill Ackerman, Linda Beaty, Hon. Chuck Caputo & Barbara Caputo,Dana & Ron Cimino, Cesar Del Aguila, Jerrold Foltz, Robert Haley, Molly & Bill Lynch, Mary Lou Melley, Stanley Richards, Hon. Jim Scott, Nancy & Rex Simmons, Jehanne Arslan & Robert Tsien, Aggie Wolf

Leadership Circle

Peggy & Bud Andress, Rafael Arancibia, Sean Barnett, Pris & Al Bornmann, Jeane Brockway,

Roy Brooks, Patricia Brown, Hon. Sharon Bulova, Richard Chew, Meg Copernoll,

Rick & Mary Dotson,Gary Eads, Nancy & Fariborz Fatemi, Edna Frady, Lois Goodman,

Hon. Penny Gross & Hal Gross, Curtis Haymore, Janyce Hedetniemi, Michael & Elodia Howard, Hon. Gerry Hyland, Patricia Hynes, Mark & Kathy Itzkoff, Lillian Jones, Hon. Mark Keam,

Hon. Kaye Kory, Mary Anne Lecos, Kenneth Longmyer, Linda & John Lubetkin, Maggi & Ray Luca, Al McAloon, Cathleen & Richard McCabe, Rose McElrath-Slade, Hon. Ilryong Moon,

Janet Oleszek, Hon. Jean Packard, Paul Reagan, Rachel Rifkind, Lynda Robb, Stu Savage,

Robert Schwaninger, Barbara Shearer, Neal Sheldon, Linda & Nigel Smyth, Margaret & Howard Soroos, Mimi & Paul Spielberg, Hon. Jane Strauss, Hon. Scott Surovell, Jane Tarrant, Patricia Ticer, Ted Velkoff, Linda Waller, Hon. Mary Margaret Whipple


William Robert Abbot, Chris Ambrose, Judy & Paul Anderson, Richard Anthony, Grace Anton, Judith Beattie,

Alex Blakemore, Shirley & Dennis Bloomquist, Ellen Cantor, Robert Cattell, Ralph Craft, Karen Craft ,Stephen Csontos, Kenneth Deal & Glen White, Paul Denig, Lowell Endahl, Jeffrey & Virginia Field, Rotha & Bob Frye,Gabriel Goldberg, Nadja Golding, Kenneth Gubin, Gloria Haher, Judy Helmich, James Hickey, Elisabeth Holmes, Jay Howell, Mary Jablonski, Patricia Jack, Edgar Kley, George Lamb, Rita & Bruce MacDonald,

Wendy Maiwurm, Harriet & Walt Mika, Fred Mittelman, Hugh Neighbour, Hung Nguyen, Ginny Lehner Peters & Rob Peters, Connie & Larry Pettinger, Carlos Quintela, Edward Robichaud, Raleigh Romine,

Lara ShainisBarbara Slinker, Valerie & Bob Sutter, Allen Taylor, Lynn & Mark Terry, Judy Thorne, Kitty Turner, Bruce Waxman, Susan Weltz, Jean Wilkins, Sandra Wilkinson, Ann Zuvekas


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Sustainer Sign Up or Renewal Form

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Please visit to view or submit events.

Del. Jim Scott Labor Day BBQ – September 5

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Arlington Gay and Lesbian Alliance Annual Ice Cream Social and Candidate’s Forum

August 9, 7-8 pm

Join 30th District candidates at this ice cream social and forum. Location: NRECA Building, 4301 Wilson Blvd., Arlington, VA, 22203

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Primary Election Day

August 23, 6 am-7 pm

There are four Democratic primaries in Fairfax County.

30th Senate District candidates: Adam Ebbin , Libby Garvey , and Rob Krupicka

31st Senate District candidates: Jaime Areizaga-Soto and Barbara Favola

49th House of Delegates District candidates: Stephanie Clifford and Alfonso Lopez

Braddock District Supervisor candidates: Janet Oleszek and Christopher Wade

Barker Birthday Phonebank and Canvass

August 24, 5-7 pm

Celebrate Senator George Barker’s birthday by making phone calls or knocking on doors. There will be cake! Email or call (703) 663-8001 for more information.


Burke Road Cleanup

August 27, 8-11 am


9413 Old Burke Lake Rd.

Burke, VA 22015


Join the Springfield Democrats for our first cleanup of Burke Road in participation with the Adopt-A-Highway Program! Before we begin, we will gather for a photo in front of our Adopt-A-Highway sign which is near the Citgo Station across the street. Wear comfortable clothes and no open-toed shoes. Reflective vests, trash bags, gloves, water and snacks will be provided.


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