October 2011

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Building a Brighter Future Together

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2011 Fairfax County Voter’s Guide
Arriving In Your Mail Mid-October!

Building A Brighter Future Together

Fairfax County, under Democratic leadership for the past 16 years, has become of the best places to live in the country. Because of the hard work of Democratic leaders at all levels, Fairfax County is recognized for its:

  • Excellent public schools
  • Highly educated workforce
  • Sensible business and property taxes
  • Access to transportation
  • Citizen services
  • Overall quality of life.

The county’s pro-business climate and the enviable quality of life combine to create one of the nation’s strongest economic centers. As a result, seven Fortune 500 companies call Fairfax home and several major corporations – Volkswagen of America, Hilton Worldwide, Northrop Grumman, SAIC, and Booz Allen Hamilton – have recently moved their headquarters to Fairfax.

By electing a Democratic board of supervisors and sending strong Democratic leaders to the General Assembly in Richmond, Fairfax County will be able to achieve even more.

Keeping The State Senate Majority

This article featured in our 2011 Voter Guide

Former Gov. Tim Kaine has called the Virginia State Senate “the backstop that keeps the wild pitches from the House from hitting the fans.” 

The Republican-majority house regularly passes bills that would restrict access to healthcare, limit women’s reproductive rights, cut funding for our public schools, expand the use of handguns, restrict voting rights, gut environmental protection policies and reduce negotiated pensions for state workers.

Democrats’ slim two-seat majority in the state Senate is the firewall against reckless, right-wing Republican policies. Your vote is vital to keep the Senate in Democratic hands!


Working To Elect Democrats In Fairfax County: The Joint Campaign

Barbara Caputo, Lola Quintela and Mark Itzkoff, Regional Vice Chairs

This election cycle, The Fairfax County Democratic Committee has assembled the most aggressive Joint Campaign Program in its history.  Early in the year, our Regional Vice Chairs met with candidates, campaign staffers, caucus directors and other politicos to review the plans and ask for their support and participation.

The Bulova for Chairman Campaign, along with the other Supervisors and the House and Senate leaders were united in their approval saying that, “If FCDC says it will do something, we know it will be done.”  This buy-in of the candidates has allowed us to reach out to a far greater number of Democrats this year.

The FCDC Joint Campaign includes four basic components:

Absentee Voter Outreach and Chase Program

In early August a professionally produced mail piece was sent to more than 10,000 18- to 24-year old Democrats. The intent was to nudge students heading off to college to complete the attached Absentee application and mail it before leaving town.  This mailing was preceded by recorded call from a young voter and followed up with a call from Chairman Sharon Bulova.

A second mail piece to thousands of strongly Democratic voters will hit the doors later this month.  Again this will be preceded and followed up with recorded calls from elected officials.

The other aspect of the Absentee program, known as “The Chase” is well underway.  Each day a group of volunteers gathers at Headquarters and mails Democratic candidates’ information to those who have applied for an absentee ballot.  This information hits the voter’s mailbox the same day as their Ballot.

Back to School Nights

Hoping to cut back on reams of paper and potentially offering the parents something of value, we tried something new this year.  We’re hearing reports that the refrigerator magnets with the FCPS 2011 calendars have been a big hit!  An add-on feature of the magnets is the QR code, which can be scanned with a smart phone and will launch the FCDC Website featuring all our candidates.

2011 Voter’s Guide

With all the precinct changes and House and Senate redistricting, there were multiple requests for a FCDC Voter’s Guide.  Nine versions (one for each Supervisor District) will be printed and mailed to tens of thousands of Democrats about the 3rd week of October.  The publications will contain district maps designating precincts, polling places, House and Senate Districts, candidate profiles, Voter’s Rights information, in-person Absentee Voting information and more.  Extra copies will be available for use by each District Committee at its discretion.

Election Day Sample Ballots

As always, FCDC will have Democratic Sample Ballots available on Election Day.  With 84 ballot combinations this year, the Democratic presence at the Polling place will be critical.  We hope to have some foreign language ballots in designated precincts.

These achievements are a testament to the strength of FCDC as an organization. And our strength comes from you, our supporters and volunteers who give time, money and sweat for a cause bigger than any one of us. So today, pat yourself in the back for a job well done. And tomorrow, put on your walking shoes and go canvass for your favorite candidate.

Will see you on the campaign trail!


Virginia State Senate


Adam Ebbin – 30th District

Thank you! With your support, I am now your Democratic nominee for Senate in the 30th District.

Though the primary is behind us, there’s more to do. I do have a Republican opponent and we must not be complacent. I am excited to meet more Fairfax voters and continuing to discuss the issues that matter most to you and your neighbors. I am also proud to have received the endorsement of the Sun Gazette.

If you’d like to help me defeat my Republican opponent and do our part to keep the Virginia Senate blue, I could use your help. We will be knocking on doors, preparing mailers and meeting with voters from Mt. Vernon and Lee Districts in the coming weeks.

You can be a part of my campaign by visiting www.AdamEbbin.com, calling Kirk at 703-739-4330, or visiting our campaign at the Alexandria Democratic Committee office, 618 N. Washington Street in Alexandria.

With our Senate majority on the line, every vote and every race will count more than ever this November. Your support helped me become the Democratic nominee this August. Join me over the next few weeks, and together we’ll keep our Senate blue this November.

Richard Saslaw  – 35th District

Grant Herring, Communications Director

If the yard signs, mailers, and automated phone calls were not a big enough clue, we are in the home stretch of the 2011 campaign season and one step closer to returning a Democratic majority to the Senate of Virginia.

Senator Saslaw’s leadership in the Senate has earned him strong endorsements and high marks from organizations that represent a broad coalition. He has been endorsed by the Virginia AFL-CIO, the Fairfax County Firefighters, the Virginia Education Association, and many other trusted organizations. Additionally, he was named Virginia’s “Most Effective Senator” by the non-partisan organization Virginia FREE, and earned a 100 percent rating from NARAL Virginia and the Virginia League of Conservation Voters.

Dick has maintained a whirlwind travel schedule to support Senate Democrats across Virginia. He is doing everything he can to make sure Democrats win on Election Day, but he can’t do it alone. Dick is counting on you and the grassroots support of FCDC to put Democrats over the top this November.  We need you to remind your friends and family that Election Day is around the corner and that Virginia Democrats are committed to keeping Virginia on the right track and will continue to bring balance to Richmond.

Dave Marsden – 37th District

Fall is in the air and it’s not just football. School is back in session and the yard signs are thicker than the leaves on the ground. We are approaching Election Day and absentee ballots should be dropping soon. Make sure you apply for yours so you can help out on E-Day! Democrats can’t afford to leave any votes at home so make your plans to help now.

Here’s a quick news update from the 37th. I’m happy to announce the endorsement of the League of Conservation Voters, an organization I have and will continue to fight for. I also received awards for my legislation and work with the Justice Department to reduce underage drunk driving.

We are launching canvasses and holding phone banks every weekend and during the week at our offices in Fairfax Station and Centreville, I hope you can join us. Please call 703.865.7425 or email  Emily@marsdenforsenate.com for more details.


Fairfax County Offices

Oleszek for Braddock Campaign

Susan Mariner, Campaign Manager

Those who attended Janet’s primary victory party on August 23rd got to see firsthand just how grateful Janet is to all of her volunteers.  As she said, “This is huge— not the margin of victory, but the amount of effort put forth by so many.”   The number of hours volunteers put in was stunning, and Janet’s victory shows just how much that effort mattered.  Each door you knocked on, each call you made, each mailing you stuffed, each hour you worked at a poll…. All of it made a difference.   For all the support you gave on so many levels, thank you.

When I agreed to come on as manager for Janet Oleszek’s general election campaign, I did so not only because Janet is a great public servant and a tough campaigner but also because I knew this race had the potential to be identified as a bellwether.  And at a recent Republican meeting, Lt. Governor Bill Bolling told the audience that his top priority this election cycle was the race between John Cook and Janet Oleszek because this was the bellwether for the state.  Ken Cuccinelli’s fundraiser for John Cook demonstrated how much Tea Party Republicans want to win this race.

Early in September volunteers began handing out campaign literature at Back to School Nights in Braddock.  Parents have been very happy to learn about Janet’s successfully leading the effort to bring full-day kindergarten to all of Fairfax County’s Public Schools.   They’re also impressed with her experience in balancing multi-billion dollar budgets.  And most importantly, parents have learned about Janet’s deep commitment to education and how she fully understands the depth of the impact the quality or our schools has on our economy and the overall quality of life in Fairfax County.

It’s time for a change. John Cook has repeatedly voted against funding for our schools, public safety, and essential county services.  He has voted against what makes Fairfax County such a great place to live.  Chairman Bulova needs a strong partner in the Braddock Supervisor’s seat, not an adversary like John Cook, who tries to undermine the Chairman’s leadership

Chairman Sharon Bulova

Endorsed By Both The Washington Post  and Fairfax Chamber of Commerce


“With her gracious, civil, inclusive political style, two decades of previous experience on the board and mastery of the county’s $6 billion budget, Ms. Bulova is indisputably the right person in the right job at the right time. Her bid for reelection, against an unimpressive Republican and two obscure independents, should be a slam dunk. If any elected official in Northern Virginia deserves to be returned to office Nov. 8, it’s Ms. Bulova.”

Washington Post Editorial, September 24, 2011


She has a record of accomplishments that she has initiated… The bottom line is that Fairfax County is a good place to live, and it’s business-friendly. We looked at her role in maintaining that. ”

Burke Connection, September 20, 2011

School Board

There has never been a better time to be a student in Fairfax County public schools. Thanks to strong Democratic leadership, Fairfax County public schools are consistently ranked among the best in the United States with high test scores and graduation rates. This election year is very important to make sure our schools continue to thrive.  

Every voter in Fairfax County can vote for three ‘At-Large’ candidates and one candidate in your Supervisor District.  Please read and learn more about our great candidates for the Fairfax County School Board.  

Janie Strauss

Dranesville  Representative

As I travel across the Dranesville District meeting with friends and supporters, I’m inspired by your commitment to continue to provide a world-class education for all our children in Fairfax County.

There’s no question we’re at an important crossroads. We must maintain the high quality of our schools and meet the continued challenge of a student population growing in numbers and needs, even if our resources are constrained. Our highly regarded schools are important not just to our children but to our quality of life and our county’s ability to attract businesses to Fairfax County.

During my 18 years on the School Board, I’ve consistently helped to steer FCPS through difficult decisions in a fiscally responsible manner. The results speak for themselves. Student achievement is at an all time high and gaps are closing. Our teachers and staff will get a much deserved raise after a two year pay freeze and full day kindergarten will be implemented in all schools.  Central office staff has been reorganized and reduced to the lowest level in 10 years and the Audit Committee has been expanded.

I understand the challenges ahead and I’m passionate about continuing to educate all our children so they’ll succeed in a competitive, global economy.  My goals are to reduce class size, lessen the overemphasis on high-stakes tests, maintain the focus on high-level thinking skills, and support a well rounded rigorous program that includes the arts, foreign language, Career and Technical Ed and emphasizes STEM (science, technology, engineering, math).  We must help reshape the stifling No Child Left Behind requirements, provide the mix of honors, advanced placement and international baccalaureate classes high school students want, expand online learning and support childhood wellness initiatives on diet, exercise, and sleep.

To lead our schools forward I need your support.  I am asking you to talk to friends and family about the importance of this election. To increase my connection with the community I’m using Facebook, Twitter and e-mail. Most importantly, I’m meeting with residents of Fairfax County in small groups. If you’d like to talk about the future of our schools, please contact us at  jarrod@janiestrauss.com, visit my Facebook  page, “Vote Janie Strauss,  and follow my Twitter updates @janiestrauss. Working together we can keep our schools among the best in the nation.  

Committee Reports

National Affairs Standing Committee

Sandra J Klassen and Dan Walsch Co-chairs

American Security in the Post Iraq/Afghanistan Era

Commentary by guest author and VA-10 candidate for U.S. House of Representatives, Brig. General John Douglass (ret.)

The return of our troops from Iraq and Afghanistan will begin an important phase of national security for Americans. When our men and women return home, the United States will still face the threat of terror from those who want to see harm done to our country. 

The rationale for sending our troops to these countries was to defeat the terrorists by force and the use of an occupying army. After years of trying this strategy the best that can be said is that we have weakened those who would attack us and may have prevented them from organizing a large scale attack. The results in Iraq and Afghanistan are of course quite different. The reality is that we cannot afford the hundreds of billions of dollars annually, coupled with the loss of lives, that the strategy of occupation costs.

If the threat from terror is still real – and I believe it is – what then should our post Iraq/Afghanistan strategy be?

First, we must fully modernize our equipment. We must maintain the capability to strike at will anywhere at any time.

Second, we must adapt a policy of using the other tools of national security (diplomacy, aide, allied forces, etc.) before we use force. Use of force must truly be a last resort.

Third, we must make it clear that if we are attacked by state sponsored terrorists we will respond with disproportionate force and will not rebuild what we destroy. We cannot afford to use our military as a nation building force.

Fourth, and perhaps most importantly, we must invest in securing our ports and borders. If large quantities of illegal aliens and drugs can cross our borders without detection, how long will it be before a terrorist organization does the same?

I believe a strategy along the lines outlined above can be implemented at a substantially lower cost than we are currently spending on national security and in the end will provide a higher level of security in what continues to be a troubled world.

Labor Committee

Daniel Duncan

Thanks to Senator Jim Webb, I was fortunate to sit in the House Gallery and witness President Obama’s great call to the nation for jobs.

While we in Fairfax County have not been hit as hard as other regions, all of us know family, neighbors and/or friends who have been out of work, are underemployed or have given up the search.

The President was right in saying people can’t wait until the November 2012 elections. The time for decisive action is now. We need to let our elected officials in Washington know we support immediate action to get Americans back to work.

Nearly one in six households lives in poverty. Nearly one in five children has a parent who was unemployed or underemployed last year. We claim to be the wealthiest nation in the world, yet we squabble whether someone can get unemployment insurance to help feed, clothe and house a family.

We see multi-millionaires pay tax rates lower than a teacher or firefighter or office worker and yet we bicker that the budget must be balanced on the backs of workers. Hasn’t anyone figured out that lower tax rates for the rich only make them richer? It doesn’t produce any new American jobs. And jobs continue to go overseas.

We can balance the federal budget by bringing the tax rates to the levels that worked during the Clinton Administration.


Congressional District Reports

 8th: Reston, Falls Church, Alexandria

Congressman: Jim Moran (D)
Pixie Bell                                                                                                 

The 8th CD meets on the 3rd Monday of the month, 8:00  PM, at  Falls Church Community Center, 233 Little Falls St., Falls Church.  The next meeting will be Oct. 17.  In the last 8th District Report, I said the Kennedy King dinner speaker would be Congressman John Lewis, but due to the change in the MLK events on the Mall, Cong. Lewis had to change his plans.  On October 13, the Kennedy King dinner will commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the historic1961 Freedom Rides.  Our speaker will be Congressman Bob Filner, who was one of the 1961 freedom riders, and was imprisoned in Mississippi for two months.  The dinner will be held at the Hilton Alexandria Mark Center, 5000 Seminary Rd., Alexandria, 22311.  Reception is at 6:30, dinner at 7:30 PM.  Funds will be used to preserve the Senate firewall.

You may have heard that the 2012 VA State Convention is to be held in Northern VA for the first time.  It will be at George Mason University on June 2nd.  We hope to draw high level speakers, as well as doing the business of electing National Convention Delegates and DNC members.  We thank Dawn Lawson, Frank Leone and George Burke for their efforts to get this approved by the State Central Committee.  The State Party also voted to endorse the State Senate passed Congressional redistricting plan that provides for two minority districts.  We also voted to nominate the U.S. Senator from VA at a primary, which will be held on June 12, 2012.

Congressman Moran applauded the City of Alexandria’s announcement to permanently close the GenOn Energy Potomac Power Plant in Alexandria by Oct. 2012.  This was a long fought well won victory for the citizens of Alexandria and the nation’s capital.  Our Congressman also applauded the repeal of the discriminatory “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” military policy.

11th: Annandale, Burke, Springfield, Mt Vernon, Fairfax

Congressman: Gerry Connolly (D)

As we move into the final stretch for the November 2011 elections, I urge every Fairfax Democrat to devote each spare moment to electing our Democratic ticket.

Every race is important this year, but our State Senate elections are particularly important if we want to keep the GOP and some of its wild ideas at bay in the Commonwealth.  Right now, our Democratic Senate is the only thing standing between us and some truly odious public policies.

One year ago, I won a close election with your help.  This year, I promise that at least one race in Fairfax will be won or lost by a razor-thin margin of less than one percent.  Let’s make sure that our Democratic candidates end up on the winning side of those tight races.

With the coordinated campaign working across the county as a team with FCDC and many individual campaigns, there are many opportunities to canvass and phone bank for one or all of our Democratic candidates.  I also encourage you to donate whatever you can to those campaigns that are facing tough, well-funded opponents.

I’ve attended dozens of kick-offs, phone banks, fundraisers, and canvasses across the county this year.  Fairfax Democrats have been working hard.  Let’s keep it up and win in November!

County District Reports


Braddock District

Nicholas Hudson

August and September have been exciting for Braddock District.  Braddock District Democrats have been unified in our goal of electing Democrats this November.   It all begins with coordinated, grassroots efforts on behalf of our committee members and engaged citizens.

On September 14th, Janet Oleszek sparred off against incumbent John Cook and Independent Green Carey Campbell at the Burke Lake Library in the first of ten debates.  Janet offered her vision and core values as to why she would be a better district supervisor.  Janet called out John’s frivolous claims and kept him accountable for his actions.  Many Braddock District Democrats came out to support Janet in the lion’s den of the Braddock District Supervisor’s Office for the debate.  The second debate was held on September 24th and once again Janet held Cook’s feet to the fire.

On September 18th, Chairman Sharon Bulova held her annual Oktoberfest event at the Lorton Workhouse Art Center.  The event was well attended with a large crowd of supporters and included great German food, live German music, and of course, German beer.  On October 1st, Megan McLaughlin held a fundraiser to win back the Braddock District School Board set.  The fundraiser was well attended and allowed Megan to garner the resources to mount a strong campaign.

A large thank you goes to Barbara Allen and Fred Esch who have coordinated Braddock District’s Back to School Night coverage.  They have done a superb job of getting volunteers to the BTSN events and ensuring parents are well informed on the critical issues and candidates.  Megan McLaughlin has also been a huge asset in recruiting volunteers this year for BTSN.  Senator Chap Peterson has also been critical in getting volunteers out to BTSN.  Thank you all candidates and volunteers!

Braddock District is operating on full cylinders as it enters the final stretch of the November campaign.  Thank you to our candidates and volunteers who have put countless hours into ensuring Democrats have a successful evening on November 8th.


Ron Bleeker

The DDDC began its fall campaign season on August 28th, with a well-attended luncheon reception for Pam Danner (candidate for Delegate in the 34th HD), keynoted by Sen. Warner. This was followed by an evening reception to celebrate the opening of the McLean office of the Supervisor John Foust/Coordinated Campaign.  There have been quite a few events since then, including receptions hosted by Linda Robb and by Terry McAuliffe.

Our major fund-raising event of the year was our Fall Festival, on the afternoon of Sunday, October 2, at the home of Terry & Dorothy McAuliffe in McLean. Our keynote speaker this year was DPVA Chair, Brian Moran. For further information, please go to the FCDC calendar.

Our scheduled monthly meeting on Sept. 8 had to be postponed due to the severe flooding in Dranesville that day, but was re-scheduled to Sept. 19. In addition to canvassing, our major activity this month has been the Back To School Nights.

Our next meeting will be in McLean on October 13.

Hunter Mill

Bettina Lawton, Robert Haley

We got “hurricaned out” for our September meeting but we’re back on schedule for October 13th at Flint Hill Elementary School in Vienna! Please join us as we plan for the final push to victory on November 8th.  The Hunter Mill District Democratic Committee holds its meetings on the 2nd Thursday, 7:30PM, every month, alternating between locations in Reston and Vienna.  Typical meetings include guest speakers, campaign information, and notice of HMDDC – FCDC events.   

Please refer to the Hunter Mill web site calendar at www.huntermilldemocrats.org for other local area political events, and to the FCDC web site calendar at www.fairfaxdemocrats.org for Fairfax County wide events.



Steve Bunn and Hugh Robertson

Thanks to everyone for helping out with the Back to School nights.  We still have a few more left to do so please check your emails and our website for the times that you can help. 

Our Coffees and Conversation Sundays are underway and we look forward to seeing many new people at these events.  Stop by and chat with your local officials and new candidates while you meet new Democrats in your precinct.  Check your emails or our website at www.leedems.org for schedules and more information.

Our One Until Done Program is coming up so please plan to take some time during the weekends in October to help out.  Our program will be effective in turning out the Democratic vote for Lee District in what will be a low turnout election.  

Our next Lee District Democratic Committee Meeting will be on Thursday, October 27 at 7:30pm in the home of Susie Warner at 6229 Edison Drive, Alexandria, VA 22310.  We hope to see you then.



Carrie Nixon

The Providence District Democratic Committee combined September’s “Dinner & Discussion” event with Providence’s turn to host Dems Dine Out.  The result – a terrific evening at Neighbors Restaurant with an informative presentation on Dulles Rail and a lively discussion on transportation issues in the Tysons area.  Stay tuned for details on our next Dinner & Discussion.

Also in September, we held two free “Meet Your Electeds”.  The first gathering was in Oakton at the home of Mark Deaton.  Sen. Chap Petersen, Del. Mark Keam, and Supervisor Linda Smyth talked with their constituents and recruited some new volunteers.  Thank you to Mark Deaton for hosting, and Susan Weltz and Shana Singerman for help in organizing the event.

Our second free “Meet Your Electeds” gathering took place in Mantua on October 2nd at the home of Walt and Sigrid Carlson in Fairfax.  This event featured Senator Chap Petersen and Supervisor Linda Smyth, and introduced Delegate Eileen Filler-Corn to her new constituents.  Special guest (and Mantua’s own) Congressman Gerry Connolly also joined us.

The following weekend, another “Meet Your Electeds” event will take place in the Falls Church area (including Fort Buffalo, Graham, and Greenway precincts) on Sunday, October 9th, 4:00pm – 5:30pm at the home of Judy and Arnold Baker, 2825 Rosemary Lane, Falls Church.  We will introduce Delegate Jim Scott to his new constituents in these precincts.  Senator Dick Saslaw, Supervisor Linda Smyth, and School Board At Large candidates Ryan McElveen and Ted Velkoff have also been invited to attend. The next PDDC meeting will take place on Tuesday, October 25th, 7:30pm, FCDC Headquarters.  We hope to see you there!



Haitian Medical Relief Program Needs Your Help


Care to Share, Chantal, a nonprofit 501(c)(3), is dedicated to providing
medical care to the rural
Chantal community, 250 miles southwest of Port Au Prince.


Given the urgent needs in the community,
the medical team expects to treat 2000 patients every day of their November trip.


Democrats who wish to make donations of supplies or funds, may bring them to
FCDC Headquarters  2815 Hartland Rd, Suite 110
Falls Church, VA 22043 
For more information, please contact: Sarah John at 
703-400-3749 , sarahjohn2857@gmail.com or visit the group’s blog at: www.chantalhaitimission.wordpress.com.


Member Commentary

 The Republican Solution

by Todd Smyth

The Republican solution to fix our economy is more of what took us off the cliff in the first place.  It was Republican deregulation and tax cuts in the Bush administration that took our economy down, and now they want more deregulation and tax cuts to finish off the middle class.  If the Bush administration had not relaxed SEC regulations in 2004 and relinquished all enforcement responsibilities, the subprime housing crash would not have happened and we would not be in the severe situation we are in now.  Republicans claim tax cuts will create more US jobs, but companies like Exxon Mobile and General Electric use loopholes to pay zero US taxes while they have decreased jobs in the US.  Republicans will talk about how most jobs are created by small businesses, while they are voting against tax cuts for those same small businesses and at the same time fighting hard for big corporate tax cuts.  How do people not notice this?  But Republicans are determined to fight every attempt to fix the problems they caused in the first place and push for more of the same old mistakes.

Republicans complain about our health care system and how we pay $800-850 billion more per year than Germany and the Netherlands in health care costs.  Our skyrocketing costs are by far the greatest barrier to creating new jobs in the US.  We pay more than double compared to every country we compete with in the world marketplace.  We are far less competitive on health care costs than we are on taxes or labor costs.  But the Republican solution is to do the opposite of what Germany and the Netherlands have done to achieve the most cost-effective health care systems in the world.  Germany and the Netherlands also have significantly healthier people than we do in the US, even though they smoke more than we do.  This is because their system is based on prevention, while our system is based on treatment, which is far more profitable but not effective.

Republicans campaign about job creation but the second biggest barrier to creating jobs in the US (behind health care costs) is our addiction to oil.  On the day we break our addiction to oil and achieve energy independence, we will have created millions of new green jobs needed to fix our economy, balance our budget and pay down the debt.  But the biggest obstacle to making this happen is the Republican Party, who do everything they can to protect oil industry profits.

It’s no surprise that the largest stock holder in FOX News (behind Rupert Murdock) is Saudi Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal, who also funded the “Ground Zero Terror Mosque” which was used in 2010 to scare people into voting for the Tea Party Republican Congress we have today.  In fact, the parent company of FOX News is largely owned by Saudi investors and the role of FOX News is to keep us addicted to petroleum by helping elect Republicans.  The Republican Party is nothing more than a surrogate for billionaires and oil corporations like the Koch brothers and Koch Industries.  Their number one priority is to protect outrageous tax breaks and outrageous profits, while the rest of us are totally screwed over.

Republicans complain about how China is passing us in education and infrastructure, but the Republican solution is to do the opposite of what China has done to move past us.  China isn’t privatizing their education and infrastructure.  They have invested in public education and public infrastructure projects that are eating our lunch.  Over and over, Republican solutions are the opposite of what actually works in the real world.

As Democrats, we must stand up for our middle-class families and fight against the reckless, right-wing Republican policies that protect billionaires and big oil companies on the backs of working families and seniors.  Republicans are able to spread lies about “Liberal Media Bias,” because Republicans own every major media outlet.  Even MSNBC is owned by General Electric, which is a Republican run company.  We have to do a better job of getting our message out and, that means knocking on doors and making phone calls to talk to voters directly.  This is the most effective means of finding our voters and getting them out to vote for our party and our values.

Sustainer Honor Roll























Renewal Form

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October 5:  Join DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Shultz with DPVA Chair Brian Moran

at the Clarendon Ballroom – Click here for flyer

October 5:  Education Issues Forum

hosted by the Springfield District Democratic Committee’s African-American Caucus
Click here for flyer

October 13:  Reception Honoring Chairman Sharon Bulova

at the home of Dorothy & Terry McAuliffe
Click here for flyer


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