April 2012

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About The Democrat

Message From The Executive Director

by Frank Anderson

As the Presidential, Senate and Congressional campaigns gain momentum, FCDC will continue to build and organize to support them in our mission of electing Democrats.  I’m very proud of what we have accomplished so far this year and I’m optimistic about the opportunities in the months ahead.

In addition to increasing our membership, we are creating and re-energizing some important groups within FCDC.  The Women’s Action Committee (formerly Women’s Rights Committee) has grown to over 80 members.  We’re establishing two new standing committees – the Central Communications Committee (C3) and the LGBTQA (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and Ally) Committee.   These groups will play a vital role in reaching out to the community and advocating for issues and candidates.

To accomplish our election goals and to support our members and volunteers, we’ll have to raise significant funds.  One way you can support us – and have a great time – is to attend our biggest event of the year, the Eleanor and Franklin Roosevelt Dinner.  We are pleased to announce that our keynote speaker will be Democratic House Leader Nancy Pelosi!

In other Democratic Party news, we are preparing for the June 2nd State Democratic Convention to be held for the first time in Fairfax County, at George Mason University.  There’s a possibility that President Obama will visit, so be sure to file as a Delegate before the April 16th deadline if you’re interested.  More information on that can be found in this issue.


Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi to Address Fairfax Democrats


Reserve your tickets today! The Fairfax County Democratic Committee is pleased to announce that Democratic House Leader Nancy Pelosi will be the keynote speaker at our first annual Eleanor and Franklin Roosevelt Dinner!
Sunday, May 6th, 2012
McLean Hilton
7920 Jones Branch Drive
McLean, VA 22102
Purchase tickets online at FairfaxDemocrats.org or call (703) 573-6811.

The Flyer and mail-in registration form can be found here.
VIP Reception 5:30 p.m. – 6:30 p.m.
Cash Bar Reception and Silent Auction 6:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.
Dinner 7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.
Individual and Table Sponsorships: contact Sharon Gleason sponsors@fairfaxdemocrats.org
Contributions to our Silent Auction: contact Nadja Golding 571-212-8590 & Alan Krishnan 703-463-9469 or email auction@fairfaxdemocrats.org.

Click here for the Silent Auction Donation Form
Program Ads: ads@fairfaxdemocrats.com
Click here for the Ad Form

Ticket Levels:
Democracy Table – Ten Tickets, two bottles of wine, and admission for Ten to VIP Reception     $5000
Sponsor Table – Ten Tickets, two bottles of wine, and two VIP Reception admissions    $2500
Table – Includes Dinner for Ten    $1600
Victory Sponsor – Includes One Preferred Dinner Seating and VIP Reception    $500
Sponsor – Includes Dinner and VIP Reception    $320
Individual Ticket AND Have your Name Mentioned in the Program ($220 after April 25)    $180
Individual Ticket (Price rises to $200 after April 25)    $160
Sponsor a Volunteer to Attend    $160
Absentee Contribution – Support us from afar!    $100

We hope to see you there!


File to Be a Delegate or Alternate to the Congressional District and State Conventions


The State Democratic Convention will be held here in Northern Virginia for the first time ever, this June 2nd. If you’d like to become a Delegate (or Alternate) at that Convention, you’ll need to file here at the county level.
The filing form and instructions are available on our website, fairfaxdemocrats.org.
If you’d like to run for Delegate or Alternate, please fill out the form and send it with the $25 voluntary filing fee to the address of your local magisterial district representative. The addresses can be found on the same document as the form.
Elected Delegates serve as both Congressional District Convention Delegates AND State Convention Delegates. 349 Delegates and 70 Alternates are elected at the Fairfax County caucus to their respective Congressional District Conventions (in Fairfax, the 8th, 10th and 11th), and these same Delegates and Alternates attend the State Convention.
National Delegates and Alternates are elected at both the Congressional and State Conventions by the county caucus Delegates. No National Delegates or Alternates are elected at the county caucus.
More information will be coming about filing for National Delegate or Alternate, as well as for Presidential Elector (to the Electoral College: Virginia has one Elector per Congressional District and two At-Large for a total of 13 electoral votes.)
The Fairfax County caucus is scheduled to convene on April 21st at noon as adopted in the Fairfax County Democratic Committee 2012 Call to Caucus. Caucuses by Congressional District to select Delegates and Alternates are scheduled in all nine Magisterial Districts of Fairfax County. (In-person absentee voting will be at FCDC Headquarters April 19th.) Registered voters in the district* can vote for candidates for Delegate and Alternate. If the number of candidates filing by the April 16th deadline is equal to or less than the number of Delegates and Alternates allotted for that district, then the caucus will be cancelled, and a notice to that effect will be posted on fairfaxdemocrats.org.
*Special Note: since this is the first convention following redistricting it is important to note that persons filing for Delegate or Alternate to the Congressional District and State Conventions, AND those voting at county caucuses, will be running and voting in the old (2010) Congressional Districts rather than the new 2012 Districts.
Every person who participates in the caucus must fully complete a Caucus Participation Form and sign a statement that says he or she is a registered voter of the District, a Democrat, believes in the principles of the Democratic Party, and that he or she does not intend to support a candidate opposed to the Democratic nominee in the next ensuing election.
To find out more about the process for becoming a Delegate, we invite you to read Virginia DNC Member Frank Leone’s informative blog, DemRulz.org.

Key Dates:
April 16    5:00 pm Caucus filing deadline
April 19    In-Person Absentee Voting for Delegates & Alternates 7pm-9pm
April 21    County Caucuses
April 27, May 4    National Delegate filing deadline for Congressional District & State Conventions
May 12 or 19    Congressional District Conventions (May 12: 10th Dist.; May 19: 8th & 11th Dists.
May 25    At-Large, PLEO (Party Leader & Elected Official) filing deadline
June 2    State Democratic Convention at GMU
November 6    Election Day (Tuesday, polls open 6am-7pm)


Standing Committee Reports


Invest in America
Commentary by Paul Jameson, Providence District NAC Member

In the year 2000, two tech companies, microprocessor manufacturers Intel Corporation (“Intel”) and Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (“AMD”), both had a great year.  Intel’s net profits equaled a remarkable 31% of revenues.  AMD, while smaller, still had profits equaling 21% of revenues.  Their futures looked bright.

Then the tech bubble burst.

In one year, Intel’s revenues plunged 21%, while its net profits fell even further, to only 5% of revenues.  AMD’s revenues fell less, by 16%, although it experienced a loss equal to 2% of revenues.

What was Intel’s reaction?  It took advantage of hard times, and actually increased its investment in equipment that made microprocessors more efficiently, from $6.7 billion in 2000 to $7.3 billion in 2001.  What was AMD’s reaction?  It cut capital expenditures from $805 million in 2000 to $679 million in 2001.

Intel continued to invest in itself when hard times hit, and AMD cut back.  Over the next decade, Intel’s profits came back.  By 2004, Intel’s profits were 22% of revenues, while AMD’s were only 2% of revenues.  By 2010, weathering the last recession, Intel’s profits were 26% of revenues, while AMD profits were only 7% of revenues.

Democrats want America to be like Intel.  Republicans want America to be like AMD.

Businesses recognize that they need to invest, that is, spend money, in order to grow.  That money spent now pays off down the road.  It is therefore telling that the so-called Party of Business forgets this principle when it comes to the country.  The Republican prescription for the hard times that America has been going through is to cut back.  They insist that cutting back on investment in America will bring about economic growth, even though they would not follow that prescription for their own companies.

Republicans say that the government should not invest in America, only private industry should do that.  But what happens when private industry, instead of investing in America, holds back investments and instead hoards record profits?  Government needs to step in, and there really are investments that governments do best.

Businesses make distinctions between money spent for investment and money spent for day-to-day operations.  Spending money to improve our infrastructure—our roads, bridges, ports, electricity grid—is investing in America.  Spending money to improve our human capital—by educating our children and our workers—is investing in America.  Spending money to ensure that our workers are healthy—by increasing access to health care—is investing in America.  All of those expenditures—those investments—will pay off down the road in terms of higher economic growth.

Over the long term, our spending for day-to-day operations needs to be no more than our revenues.  Day-to-day operations just keep us going, without making us grow.  But now, when the government’s cost of borrowing is less than the inflation rate, is the perfect time to spend for investment.  Investing in America will put more money in more American’s pockets, and grow the economy at a much faster and more evenly distributed rate, than the Republican plan to cut the taxes of the wealthiest even more while cutting spending for everyone else.


Virginia Mirrors The National War on Women
Commentary by guest author Marjorie Signer*

Gov. Bob McDonnell and the Republicans have made Virginia a high-profile player in the War on Women. Although the governor backed down on requiring a pre-abortion vaginal probe (aka, state-mandated rape), he fully supported humiliating women with a medically unnecessary, nonconsensual, expensive abdominal ultrasound as a precondition to a legal abortion. This measure and others revealed a frightening disrespect, even contempt for women and showed Virginia Republicans to be active participants in the national election strategy to win by appealing to sexism and misogyny.

Anti-women bills are a Republican priority. At the top of their agenda has been 1) excluding all coverage of abortion in the new health care law (including allowing hospitals to refuse to admit pregnant women with a life-threatening condition), 2) restricting contraceptive coverage in that law (putting the demands of  religiously affiliated institutions that take public funds and serve the public above women’s health care), and 3) defunding the highly regarded national family planning program, including Planned Parenthood clinics. Accordingly, Virginia excluded abortion coverage (except in cases of rape, incest and life endangerment) from the new health insurance exchange and regularly attempts to defund Planned Parenthood. Contraceptive coverage may be next.

While still working on the master strategy of overturning Roe v. Wade, the Republicans’ daily tactic is to “chip away” at services. Two pointless Virginia measures would have done that – an unconstitutional ban on abortion after 20 weeks’ gestation and a ban on Medicaid funds for abortions in the case of a fetus who will not survive. The Medicaid ban was not only cruel, it made no sense. In the last fiscal year only 23 women received state funds to terminate a pregnancy because of a fetal anomaly, costing the Commonwealth less than $15,000. “Chipping away” includes the unnecessary clinic regulations adopted last year, requiring women’s clinics providing first-trimester abortions to meet hospital standards. The intent is to force clinics to close.

Nationally, the most extreme factions back personhood measures, giving full legal rights to a fertilized egg. Virginia’s personhood bill failed when Republicans could not figure out how it could possibly work (the word “person” is defined 118 ways and used some 25,000 times in the Virginia Code) but it will be back.

Some national trends have not yet trickled down to Virginia, but chances are they will. The reason is that the National Right to Life Committee and other national organizations that develop legislation make sure it gets into the hands of state legislators who will fight for it. Among bills to watch for is the racist Prenatal Nondiscrimination Act (PRENDA), which would criminalize abortions for sex-selection and race-selection – despite the fact there is zero evidence of this. Again, the intent is to shut down clinics.

The Republican “warriors” may have gone too far. (Current “joke” – next they’ll require women to paint the nursery and pick the name before an abortion.) Women’s rights supporters can help persuade independent and Republican women to vote for pro-women Democrats by showing how out-of-touch Republicans are. Women need to know that Democrats will fight to defend reproductive health services.

*Marjorie follows reproductive rights for the Virginia Chapter of the National Organization for Women (NOW) and the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice, a national pro-choice coalition.


Congressional District Reports


Report by Pixie Bell

The 8th CD Democratic Committee meets on the 3rd Monday of each month, 8:00 PM at Falls Church Community  Center, 223 Little Falls St. Falls Church.  The next meeting will be on 4/16, 2012; Remember, the filing deadline for your caucus being held on April 21 is at 5:00 PM that evening. If you are planning to file for the National Convention, your form must be mailed to Margo Horner, c/o Arlington County Democratic Hq., 2050 Wilson Blvd., Suite 200, Arlington, VA 22201.  Phone 703-931-6591 – more info next month on hand delivery. The Call to Convention, presented by our Rules Chair Patrick Morrison, was fully discussed, amended and passed.  Last month I listed the Temporary Chairs for our 8th CD Convention and Temporary Committees.  I am still working on filling our Committees from Fairfax, 6 each for Rules, Credentials and Resolutions.   The 8th CD Convention will be held at Robert E. Lee High School on Franconia Rd on May 19.  Doors will open at 8:00 PM, credentials will be ready for people to sign in by 9:00PM and the Convention will be called to order at 10:00PM.  In case you had not heard, one of the 3 men originally seeking the Democratic Nomination for Congress had dropped out, so there will be 2 in the 8th CD Primary on 6/12.


“The Republican Budget introduced by Rep. Paul Ryan is a radical document.  At its core is a massive redistribution of income from lower income Americans to the wealthiest members of our society; one that will undermine Medicare, and cripple our infrastructure and social safety net programs that protect Americans facing hard times.  Make no mistake; this budget resolution would end Medicare as we know it, passing rising health care costs along to states and senior citizens.”


“H.R. 4147 is legislation to improve health care for seriously ill children by allowing states to bypass the years-long application process for the Children’s  Program of all-inclusive, Coordinated Care (ChiPACC).  This legislation makes it easier and quicker for states to provide the best possible care to young people.”


County District Reports

By Lisa Daniel, Communications Chair

Braddock District Dems are gearing up for their 31st annual Derby Day, Sat., May 5, from 4-6:30 at Kilroy’s, 5250 Port Royal Rd., in the Ravensworth Shopping Center. Derby Day, and its silent auction, is Braddock Dems’ biggest annual fundraiser and the best Kentucky Derby party in the area. Buy your tickets at fairfaxdemocrats.org. For contributions to the silent auction, contact Nick Hudson at Nicholas.I.Hudson@gmail.com.

In other news, Braddock Dems continue to grow and welcome new members, most recently with Angela Easterwood and Ellen Strauss, both of whom already have taken on leadership roles, Angela as a precinct captain and Ellen as a team leader for the Obama for America campaign. OFA has been busy in Braddock District, and in March kicked off two new neighborhood teams: Team Annandale and Team Government Center. All the Braddock teams have been busy reaching out to new volunteers at phone banks, as well as registering many new voters.

Ron Bleeker, Chair

Dranesville members turned out in force for a meeting at FCDC with DNC Chair, Cong. Debbie Wasserman-Schulz in support of our Women’s Action Committee.  DDDC member Margi Vanderhye is Chair of this committee.
DDDC will have its next meeting on Thursday, April 12 at the Herndon ArtSpace.

Steve Bunn and Hugh Robertson, Co-Chairs

On Sunday, April 15th from 3:00-6:00pm join the Lee Democrats as we get ready for the elections at our 2012 Opening Day Fundraiser. We look forward to welcoming all our elected officials who represent Lee District. Have a cold beer, a ball park dog and a Democratic good time. We will be giving away free Nationals shirts, hats, and other baseball items.  The location is 6209 Edison Drive, Alexandria, VA 22310.  Tickets are $25/person (other contribution levels appreciated: $50 – Center Field Club, $100 – Lower Terrace, $250 – Baseline Box, $500 – Dugout Box, $1,000 – President’s Box). If you can’t come, consider a ticket(s) as a contribution to our committee!
For more information, please contact LeeDems Co-Chairs Hugh Robertson (703.924.1433) or Steve Bunn (703.861.1343) or visit our website at wwww.leedems.org.

Rachel Rifkind, Chair
The Mason District Caucus to elect delegates to the 11th and 8th District conventions scheduled for April 21, 12-2pm, at the Woodrow Wilson Library at 6101 Knollwood Drive, Falls Church. The deadline to file the pre-filing form and voluntary fee of $25 is April 16 at 5pm at Rachel Rifkind’s address, 4104 Daniels Avenue #101, Annandale.
Plans are underway for the Congressional District Conventions (the 8th and 11th Districts on May 19) and for the State Convention on June 2-3 in Northern Virginia at George Mason. The 11th District convention is at Luther Jackson Middle School from 10am-Noon and the 8th District convention is at Robert E Lee High School also from 10am-Noon.
We are very pleased to announce formation of two new FCDC standing committees: LGBTQA and FCDC Communications Standing Committee. John Wertman is our Mason representative to the LGBTQA. I am also pleased to announce that six MDDC members will be representing Mason on the newly reformed Women’s Action Committee: Suzie Phipps, Terilee Edwards-Hewitt, Alex Rodriguez, Carol Leftwich, and Margie Ellis.
The FCDC Dine Out for April will be in Mason District Wednesday, April 18th, 6:00-8:30pm at Public House No. 7 at 6315 Leesburg Pike, Falls Church, VA 22041 at Seven Corners. Thanks to Mary Ellen Tisdale and Virginia Field for their hard work on making this location possible
Don’t forget the FCDC Eleanor & Franklin Roosevelt Dinner is on May 6th at the McLean Hilton. My thanks to Mary Tycz and Norma Jean Young for their work on the Silent Auction Baskets. If you have an item to contribute to a baseball-themed basket please let me know. Also, let’s try to have 2 or 3 Mason tables at the dinner.
The Mason District annual thank you party is on May 20 (2-4pm) at the home of Glen White and Mark Deal. Start pulling together your list of volunteers from last year for the invitation. I will need them by April 30.
The FCDC will be meeting on May 22 (place to be determined). The Mason committee will caucus briefly to elect new members who have recently filed. Mason meets on April 17 at the Mason Government Center.


Sustainer Honor Roll




























Caucus Filing Forms to Run for Delegate to the State Democratic Convention

Click here for the forms and instructions


Below you will find information on some upcoming events.  For a complete listing of events go to the FCDC Calendar.

April 15th
Lee Dems Opening Day

April 18th
Dems Dine Out at English Pub in Falls Church

April 25th
“A Taste of California” – Fundraiser in support of Congresswoman Judy Chu (D-32 CA)

April 28th
Senator Donald McEachin – TWO EVENTS: Champagne Brunch and Afternoon Reception

April 29th
Reception with President Barack Obama and President Clinton

May 5th
Braddock District’s 31st Annual Derby Day

May 6th
Eleanor and Franklin Roosevelt Dinner


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