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June 2013

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by Frank Anderson

Opportunities in the upcoming Democratic Primary

As Democrats in Fairfax County, one of our best recruiting and organizing opportunities is the upcoming Primary on June 11th.  First of all, we need to tell everyone we know to get the word out about voting on Tuesday.  This goes beyond supporting our favorite candidates in the primary.  It helps us going into November because since the Primary voters will tend to be Democratic, we will be able to identify new people who we’ll need to talk to in the coming months.

The second thing we recommend is volunteering at the polls to reach out to fellow Democrats.  It’s a great opportunity to meet new activists to get involved with the campaigns, committees, and other progressive organizations you may be involved in.

How can you help?  If you’re in Fairfax County, you can reach out to your local committee leaders such as our District Chairs and our Precinct Operations Chair.  You can find these people’s contact information on our Contact Us page at /contact.

As always, please check our action-packed Calendar frequently for events where you can meet our candidates and elected officials, volunteer in your area, and enjoy the company of a community of Democrats.


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Unity Canvasses

We hope you all can join us June 15th and 16th for our Weekend of Action and Unity Canvass. The unity canvass is to help show that as a party we are united around our ticket coming out of the primary. This is very important to show the Republicans that we will not let them elect a radical ticket! Our shift times are 10:00 AM, 1:00 PM and 4:00 PM on Saturday. Sunday we will be meeting at 10:00 AM & 1:00 PM. We hope that you can join us!

Home of Susan and Tom Johnson
5148 Linette Ln
Annandale, VA  22003

5618 Ox Road Suite D-2 (Above the US Post Office)
Fairfax Station, VA  22039

Providence District, Mason District and City of Falls Church::
Location: Lotus Apartment Complex Business Center (Host, Seema Sethi)
2729 Merilee Drive Fairfax, VA

Contact for the event is John Heflin, 703-596-2384 or

Caucus to nominate our candidate for Sheriff

Fairfax County Sheriff Stan Barry has announced that he will be retiring in July.  A special election to fill his seat will coincide with the November 5th election.  We will be holding a Caucus on the evening of July 23rd to choose our Democratic nominee.

Caucus location: To be Announced
Click here for the Call to Caucus
Click here for Declaration of Candidacy form

Candidate declarations must be in by July 16, 2013 at 5:00 pm.  Two candidates have already announced at our last FCDC General Meeting.

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Ralph Northam for Lt. Governor

Campaign Update

Ralph Northam has a proven record of integrity, service, and standing up for the rights of all Virginians. He has earned the endorsements of the Washington Post, the Virginia Education Association, Senate Leader Dick Saslaw, Senator Janet Howell, Senator Toddy Puller, Senator George Barker, Senator David Marsden, Delegate Kay Kory, Senator Barbara Favola, Senator Mary Margaret Whipple, Supervisor John Foust, Supervisor Gerry Hyland, and Supervisor Jeff McKay.

Ralph is a tireless advocate for women’s health. As the only doctor in the Senate, Ralph has led the fight against Ken Cuccinelli and the radical Republican efforts to curtail women’s access to healthcare, and he was the chief patron of a bill to repeal the mandatory ultrasound law. These efforts have earned him a 100% rating from Planned Parenthood Advocates of Virginia and a 100% rating from NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia.

Ralph was the first candidate in the race to call for a comprehensive solution to prevent gun violence, including a ban on assault weapons, limits on magazine capacity, an end to the gun show loophole, and reforms to the mental health care system. As former US Army doctor and as a pediatric neurologist who has tended to young victims of gun violence, Ralph brings unmatched credibility and experience to the fight for common-sense gun laws in the Commonwealth. This is why the NRA gave him a D rating in 2011, and a number of parents of Virginia Tech victims have publicly supported Ralph.

As Lieutenant Governor, Ralph is uniquely qualified to serve as the Commonwealth’s chief public health and education officer. He worked with Governor Kaine to ban smoking in restaurants, wrote and passed a law to keep student athletes safe from damaging effects of concussions, and has been a consistent champion of legislation to fight the childhood obesity epidemic. Public health and education, from gun safety to early childhood education, are issues that affect Virginians every day, yet occupy only a small portion of the General Assembly’s debate. Ralph can add the credibility and public support needed to bring these issues to the forefront in the General Assembly.

To help with our get out the vote efforts, contact Bridgit Donnelly at or 571-435-1013.

Aneesh Chopra for Lt. Governor

Campaign Update

ChoprafamilyOn Tuesday, June 11th we will choose our nominee to take on E.W. Jackson on November 5th. Primaries are difficult. Ultimately, they are about choices — we must decide who has the best vision to move the Commonwealth of Virginia forward, and who is best positioned to turn out the voters we need to win in 2013.

Aneesh Chopra served as Governor Tim Kaine’s Secretary of Technology, where he used technology and innovation to make government work better for all Virginians. He pioneered new programs in education, job training, healthcare, and broadband access to bring new opportunities to all corners of the Commonwealth.

Based on Aneesh’s impressive record in Virginia, President Obama selected him as the nation’s first Chief Technology Officer. While at the White House, Aneesh led initiatives to modernize government to work better in the 21st century. He found ways to use innovation and technology to make a real difference in people’s lives, from giving Veterans access to their medical records to reducing domestic violence and sexual assault through new communication tools.

Aneesh has a record of results. As President Obama said “As the federal government’s first Chief Technology Officer, Aneesh Chopra did groundbreaking work to bring our government into the 21st century. Aneesh found countless ways to engage the American people using technology, from electronic health records for veterans, to expanding access to broadband for rural communities, to modernizing government records. His legacy of leadership and innovation will benefit Americans for years to come, and I thank him for his outstanding service.”

Aneesh’s vision for Virginia is one where everyone is included, respected, and empowered. He will fight back against Republican attacks on women’s healthcare and push to bring innovative new jobs to all parts of the Commonwealth. Aneesh will be a strong tie-breaking vote for Democrats in the State Senate. He will be a full-time Lt. Governor dedicated to making government work better for all.

To win in November, we must turn out the voters that propelled President Obama and Senator Kaine to victory last year. We must inspire those voters to get involved again, so we do not repeat what happened in 2009. Aneesh’s background and experience makes him the best candidate to reinvigorate voters for the general election.

Our campaign is proud to have the support of many prominent Northern Virginians and elected officials across the Commonwealth. We’re proud to be endorsed by Congressmen Gerry Connolly and Jim Moran, former Congressmen Tom Perriello and Rick Boucher, and former Secretary of the Commonwealth and Fairfax County Board Chair Kate Hanley. Delegates Eileen Filler-Corn, David Bulova, Scott Surovell, Jim Scott, Alfonso Lopez and Bob Brink are also supporters. You can see the map of our supporters at

From all of us at Team Chopra, we hope you’ll join us in supporting Aneesh Chopra in the Democratic Primary on Tuesday, June 11th. You can learn more about Aneesh at You can commit to vote right now by texting VOTE and your ZIP Code to 67076, or by visiting

We’d love your help knocking on doors or making phone calls in the final days. Please contact Grant Maloney on our team at to find out about phone banks in your neighborhood.

Mark Herring For Attorney General

Campaign Update

Throughout this campaign, I have laid out a vision for the Attorney General’s office that is far different than what we’ve seen from Ken Cuccinelli over the last four years. I’m asking for your support on June 11th because I can beat Republican Attorney General candidate Mark Obenshain in the Fall and I can turn around the Attorney General’s office starting on day one. I have a record of fighting for our shared Democratic values in the State Senate. As your Attorney General you can trust that I will focus on protecting all Virginians and put the law first. Just as I have in the State Senate, I will continue to defend a woman’s right to choose and fight efforts to restrict women’s access to contraception. Standing up for women’s rights is more than just rhetoric to me – as someone who was raised primarily by my mother and my sister, I know these aren’t just women’s issues; they are issues important to all Virginia families. I have released a detailed policy agenda aimed at providing equal opportunity for women, respecting a woman’s rights to make her own health care decisions, and provide security for Virginia families. You can read that agenda on our website,

As Attorney General, I will also be committed to protecting the civil rights of all Virginians and will use the power of the office to promote equality. That’s why I am the only candidate running statewide to release an “Equality Agenda,” which can be found at It outlines specific actions and policies that I will implement on day one to make our Commonwealth more welcoming and more equal. And I am committed, just as I have been in the State Senate, to preventing gun violence by supporting comprehensive background checks on gun sales. I have consistently voted against the gun lobby and supported closing the gun show loophole, banning guns in bars and in support of the one gun a month law. Virginians are ready for fundamental change in the office of Attorney General. A Democrat has not one this office in twenty-four years. I have earned the support of the Virginia Education Association and over 100 state and local elected officials in the state because they believe I am the candidate with the best legal experience, a strong record of fighting for our shared Democratic values and someone who has won tough campaigns. They believe I am the best candidate to go toe-to-toe with the Republicans this fall and win. I hope I can earn your support on Tuesday June 11th. Thank you.

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Justin Fairfax For Attorney General

The Washington Post Endorses Attorney General Candidate Justin Fairfax

The Washington Post recently announced its endorsement of Attorney General Candidate Justin Fairfax in the Democratic Primary. The Post noted that Fairfax, a former Assistant U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia, “is the more dynamic candidate and our choice for the Democratic nomination.” The Washington Post Editorial Board noted that Fairfax “combines an agile and impressive command of the issues with a prosecutor’s passion for justice.”

Fairfax said that The Washington Post endorsement is the latest evidence of his campaign’s incredible momentum and compelling message. “We are ecstatic about this tremendous endorsement! The Washington Post is a great American institution of journalism. And, I am honored and humbled that they connected with our strong message for Virginia,” he stated.

“As the next Attorney General, I will fight to protect and defend our constitutional rights, make sure we have more economic security and opportunity for all of our families and ensure that all of our citizens are treated equally under the law, no matter where they’re born, what their last name is, or who they love. Voters are eager for a new Attorney General, but, more importantly, they want a new kind of Attorney General. With the support of Virginians in the Democratic primary on June 11, I intend to win and serve as that new kind of Attorney General,” he added.

This May, Justin also announced a number of new endorsements from prominent Democrats, including Richmond Commonwealth’s Attorney Mike Herring. Herring, Richmond’s widely-respected top prosecutor, touted Fairfax’s focus on leveling the playing field for Virginians over politics as key to his decision to support Fairfax. “[H]is commitment to equal opportunity for all Virginians, women and children, in particular, is uncommon and refreshing in today’s political climate,” Herring stated. Tom Ford, Chairman of the Page County Democratic Committee, stated that he “supports Justin because of his strong commitment to children and his belief that every child has a right to a good education and to higher education.” Ford also cited Fairfax’s commitment to protect homeowners, small businesses, and seniors. Newport News Councilwoman Tina Vick, who also recently endorsed Fairfax’s campaign, stated she supports Fairfax “because he is a hard working attorney who will protect the rights of women and all working families in the state of Virginia!”

Fairfax said “I greatly appreciate the endorsements of Richmond Commonwealth’s Attorney Mike Herring, Page County Democratic Committee Chair Tom Ford, Newport News Councilwoman Tina Vick, and all the other great supporters from across the Commonwealth. They recognize that the time for change in the Attorney General’s Office has come. They join our strong our movement to create more economic security and opportunity.”

Jennifer Boysko for Delegate

Campaign Update

Dear Friends,

With the Primary just around the corner the campaign is moving ahead at full steam! Most recently, I received the endorsement of Progressive Majority. The outpouring of support and encouragement has been truly amazing.

With only a few days left until the primary, I ask you for your vote on June 11th. As you know, I am a strong Democrat and a longtime community activist here in Herndon. I respect that we are a group of people with a diverse set of political beliefs here in the 86th District. Each of us holds strong convictions and cares deeply about this community. I think we all respect one another for that.

Those of you who know me well, know that I have been a consistent voice for progress here in Herndon. I’ve served John Foust over the past five years and have been active here in town for most of the past two decades. I’ve spoken out on issues even when they weren’t politically popular because it was the right thing to do. I’ve been here working hard; I’ve helped move things forward and am putting my money where my mouth is by running for office now.

I’ve given up a job that I love to put everything I have into this race. I feel I’d be remiss if I didn’t at least reach out to each of you to ask you to cast your vote for me on June 11th. The turnout will be abysmally low. Every vote will count. The horrible turn in politics won’t get better unless we make a change and until everyone participates in choosing our leaders. I will never let a political party tie my hands or force me to vote against my better sense.

I pledge to put this community first, always.

Kindest regards,

Jennifer Boysko

Candidate for the House of Delegates

86th District

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The National Affairs Standing Committee (NAC)

Sandra J Klassen, Chair

Republican “Jobs” Plans, or How to Fool People

Living in the Washington DC region, many of us have probably been a part of, or dealt with, the influence industry. We’ve sat in conference rooms where someone says, “our goal is to get policy implemented that benefits our clients–how do we go about doing this?” People brainstorm action plans, talking points, position papers, and a strategy to lobby Congress and the administrative agencies. And out comes a plan to make it seem like the policy that benefits the client is the greatest thing for all of America. The fact that the plan does nothing of the sort is not relevant.

Working backwards from the plans to an analysis of who benefits, it is clear that the standard Republican “jobs plans” were hatched in such conference rooms. We can imagine any one of the billionaires who have been lavishly funding Republican candidates saying to a room full of economists and public relations types, “I want more money for me and less money for everyone else. How do we convince people to support what is good for me?”

After a bit of stunned silence, one of the economists says, “Well, we could argue that the economy is supply-driven, and that jobs are created when businesses are given financial incentives to hire people.” The billionaire retorts, “Oh, come on. I run businesses. I don’t hire more people unless increased sales require it.” The economist replies, “True, it’s pretty standard economics that growth is demand-driven, but if your goal is more money for you and less money for everyone else, we’ll have to claim that businesses hire when they have more money.”

Then a public relations flack chimes in, “I’ve got it! We’ll say that you’re a ‘jobs creator!’ You’ll hire more people when you’re feeling love and respect and financial rewards from the government, who otherwise stays out of your way!” The billionaire reflects only for a moment. “I like it! Go make it happen.”

Virginia Republican gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli’s entire “Jobs Plan” consists of cutting the income tax from 5.75% to 5%, cutting the business income tax from 6% to 4%, eliminating or reducing a few other business taxes, and insuring that the government grows no faster than inflation and population growth. Note that the greatest tax cuts go to businesses, once again tilting tax cuts to the wealthiest among us.

After all the years of tax cuts without any noticeable benefit to the middle class, or any extraordinary increase in economic growth, the average person might wonder why the standard Republican prescription could be claimed to be a “Jobs Plan.” The economists and public relations folks in the billionaire’s conference room came up with the talking points on how to sell it. Cuccinelli’s web site claims:

Virginia Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Ken Cuccinelli’s Economic Growth & Virginia Jobs Plan is designed to unleash the spirit and ingenuity of Virginia’s innovators, entrepreneurs and job creators; empower middle class families by allowing them to keep more of the paychecks they’ve earned; and reduce government barriers that crowd out economic opportunity in the private sector.

Republicans are completely undaunted by the utter failure of prior tax cuts to create jobs. They look instead to the huge increase in wealth of the very few that all the tax breaks and other policies have allowed, and consider the policies a great success. Thus, they keep claiming that the problem is that entrepreneurs are “leashed” and that only if they are “unleashed” will jobs be created.

It is a very inconvenient fact for Republicans that businesses will not hire more people unless their customers have more money to buy from them. In the end, the entrepreneurs will find that their major “leash” is that their customers cannot afford to buy more of their product, and that they will not hire more employees in those circumstances. Cutting their taxes by two percentage points will not lead them to hire more employees, but at least they’ll be able to pocket that extra tax cut.

It is inconvenient for Republicans that standard economics posits that there are times when demand is stifled by things like people being laid off by businesses and revenue-strapped governments. It is inconvenient for Republicans that when we’re in a situation like now, demand needs to be stimulated by the government stepping up and doing what businesses won’t do without the customers.

In short, just because Republicans assert that implementing the same policies they always advocate will create jobs and economic growth this time, that does not mean we should be fooled into believing them.

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Intern Reflections

Jane Mariani, FCDC Intern

Interning at the Fairfax County Democratic Committee this past Spring has been a very rewarding experience. I have always been passionate about politics at the federal level, but didn’t know much about the state and local process. From my time here, I have registered to vote and have voted for the first time. I have made campaign phone calls and did some tedious, yet important data entry. Before starting my internship here at FCDC, I really didn’t realize the importance of local politics. Now that I have been exposed to some of the local issues and the processes which they go through, I will definitely pay more attention to my local government from now on. While the federal elections and issues are more publicized, the local issues are the ones that more closely affect me. If I didn’t get the opportunity to work with FCDC, I probably wouldn’t have even known to vote in the Democratic primary this year or maybe even the Governor’s election. Although, as an intern, I mostly did seemingly minuscule tasks, I know the work that I was doing did help in the long run. Even doing a little bit to help a greater and important cause was valuable to me. Not only did I learn about the political process, but also how to act in a workplace, and what the environment is like. Working at FCDC has given me the opportunity to tour the Terry McAuliffe for Governor campaign headquarters, tour the Capitol, and meet some interesting people that I would otherwise not have the pleasure of encountering. I’m extremely grateful to have been given this internship opportunity by my school and by Frank Anderson, because most high school students do not get handed an opportunity like this. The skills I have learned while working at the FCDC will definitely be put to good use in the future. I can’t thank Frank enough for providing me with this opportunity and the skills I learned through it.

Alina Olson, FCDC Intern

This past Spring, I was given the opportunity to intern at the Fairfax County Democratic Committee (FCDC). This opportunity has been very rewarding, as I have learned new things and taken part in different experiences that I wouldn’t otherwise have had the chance to do. In the office, I worked on data entering, and campaign work such as phone banking to inform people of events and acquire volunteers to help work for Terry McAuliffe. Throughout the experience, I had the wonderful opportunity of meeting Congressman Gerry Connolly and Senator Tim Kaine, as well as getting a tour of the Capitol building in D.C. and the McAuliffe headquarters in Rosslyn.

Being interested in politics as I am, it was very cool to be in the middle of it all learning even more about the candidates and campaigns by working here. Volunteering my time as an intern is something I am proud of, because my work was supporting a cause that I feel strongly about and am interested in.

Courtney Shane Ericson

As soon as I entered the Fairfax Democratic Committee, I had immediately made an impact on my community – I registered to vote! I am very thankful that I was able to just jump in on the action. I had no idea so much was going on politically in my area! I was immediately put to work. Some days I would organize voter information into spreadsheets, and other days I would make buttons for Terry McAuliffe’s campaign for governor. I worked a lot on Terry’s campaign, including making phone calls for his campaign office opening, and other Democratic fundraisers for members. I was also asked to pull up the 2009 General Election Information to try to predict this year’s results. I even got to meet Congressman Gerry Connolly when he stopped by the office! During my time at the FCDC, I collected a list of affinity organizations and organized the information into a spreadsheet to contact possible Democratic voters that could potentially pair up with the committee to have events or just get the word out. Every day was something exciting and different – I was able to explore all of the work that goes behind local political functions, meet new people, and vote in my first election. I am proud to say I have expanded the Democratic committee and gotten people more aware of the political action in their community. I wish I had gotten involved sooner! I highly recommend spending some time volunteering at the FCDC office, it is very rewarding and you can truly make a difference.

Overall, I learned a lot at my time at the Fairfax County Democratic Committee. I really recognized the importance of the smaller elections and how easy it is to share my opinion or get in contact with a Congressman. I definitely felt like my voice was heard at the committee and it helped me realize the importance of local government. I loved spending time at the FCDC (the largest/most prestigious Democratic committee in Virginia!) and felt I was able to contribute to my community by spending time here.

Alina, Jane and Courtney

Left to Right: Alina Olson, Jane Mariani and Courtney Shane Ericson

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Ron Bleeker, Chair

Despite some intermittent showers, the DDDC and our local Democratic candidates had a very significant presence at this year’s McLean Day on May 18. Our well-staffed booth was visited by many of those attending this popular annual festival. Among the local Democratic candidates and electeds who joined us were Congressman Jim Moran, Delegate Bob Brink, and Delegate candidates Kathleen Murphy (34th AD) and Marcus Simon (53rd AD). And, of course, local residents Terry and Dorothy McAuliffe!

Our May meeting was held in the attractive ArtSpace in Herndon. Speakers included Mayor Lisa Merkel and Council member Sheila Olem, as well as FCDC Chair Cesar del Aguila. We also heard from both of the DDDC members who are seeking the nomination for Delegate in the 86th AD, Herb Kemp and Jennifer Boysko.

We continue to support the campaign by concerned citizens who wish to end gun violence, in which several of our members are very active. A local meeting in McLean in late May drew over 100 citizens of all parties in support of these efforts, and was the subject of a favorable article in the national media. A large number of petition signatures was later presented to Cong. Wolf, asking him to support passage of the bill to provide for background checks.

Finally, we urge all local Democrats to vote on Primary Day for the candidate of their choice and to then get involved in helping us to elect Democrats in November!

Our next meeting will be held on Thursday, June 20 at the McLean Community Center at 7:30 PM.

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Sustainer Honor Roll

Sustainer Honor Roll 2013. 06 01 Final

Click here to join the Sustainers today!

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June 8

2:00pm 2013 Fairfax Dems Grassroots Training

4:00pm Delegate Vivian Watt’s Annual BBQ

June 9

11:00am Sustainers Brunch

2:00pm Marcus Simon Falls Church Fundraiser with Special Guest Congressman Jim Moran

4:00pm Del Kaye Kory Re-election Campaign Kick-off

Summer BBQ with Sen. Dave Marsden

June 11

6:00am Democratic Primary

June 15

10:00am Coordinated Campaign Event at the Lotus Apartment Complex Business Center

Braddock Organizer Event

June 23

3:30pm Help Delegate Bob Brink Launch Campaign 2013. Sponsor $250 – Host $100 – Friend $50 – Guest $25 – Young Dem RSVP — (703) 531-1048 Email —

4:00pm Brigades Picnic at Del. Kaye Kory’s home. For more info contact

June 29 6:00pm Democratic Party of Virginia’s Jefferson Jackson Dinner

June 30

1:00pm GOOD OLE GIRLS BRUNCH for more info contact The event is at Place-Tysons Corner Marriott, 8028 Leesburg Pike, Vienna,VA. Cost: $27.00. Reservations by June 28. Terry McAuliffe, Democratic candidate for Governor as the speaker.

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