Candidates Running for Office in 2019

In 2019, Fairfax County will have over fifty offices on the ballot.  These include:
9 State Senators
17 House of Delegates Members
9 Board of Supervisors Members
1 Chairman, Board of Supervisors
1 Commonwealth’s Attorney
1 Sheriff
9 District School Board Members
3 At-Large School Board Members
3 Soil & Water Conservation District Directors

The Fairfax County Democratic Committee is committed to serving as a resource for voters and candidates.  On this web post, we will keep a running list of candidates.  Click here to learn about the process for running for office.

We are expecting a lot of changes at the local level next year, as a number of longtime officials are not seeking re-election or are seeking higher office.

The Fairfax Democrats do not endorse candidates in primaries — we will fully back our candidates once they receive the nomination.  We do provide equal assistance to any Democrat running for office.  For School Board and Soil & Water Conservation District Director, the membership of the Fairfax Democrats will vote to endorse candidates in May 2019.

2019 Candidates

for updates on the method of nomination for each seat, click here

District Candidate Website Contact
Senate of Virginia
Senate District 30 Adam Ebbin Henry Watkins
(703) 646-0591
Senate District 31 Barbara Favola
Senate District 31 Nicole Merlene Matt Royer
(703) 609-9963
Senate District 32 Janet Howell click for facebook page
Senate District 33 Jennifer Boysko Chad Wiggins
Senate District 34 Chap Petersen
Senate District 35 Dick Saslaw Andrew Whitley
Senate District 35 Yasmine Taeb
Senate District 36 Scott Surovell Philip Scranage
Senate District 37 Dave Marsden Matt Rogers
Senate District 39 George Barker
House of Delegates
House District 34 Kathleen Murphy Claire McCormack                        
House District 35 Mark Keam Meredith Nakayama
(703) 350-3911
House District 36 Ken Plum
House District 37 David Bulova
House District 38 Kaye Kory
House District 38 Andres Jimenez Aron Mujumdar
House District 39 Vivian Watts
House District 40 Dan Helmer Erik Darcey
(301) 910-7097
5618-A Ox Road
Fairfax Station, VA 22039
House District 41 Eileen Filler-Corn Leigh Nusbaum
(571) 249-3453
House District 42 Kathy Tran
House District 43 Mark Sickles Jonathan Freeman                        
House District 44 Paul Krizek
House District 45 Mark Levine
(703) 599-6121
House District 48 Rip Sullivan Kate Petersen
(610) 209-4718
House District 49 Alfonso Lopez Kevin Saucedo
(571) 243-8717
House District 49 Julius “JD” Spain Kim Phillip
(703) 447-7836
House District 53 Marcus Simon
House District 67 Karrie Delaney Denver Supinger
(703) 996-9415
House District 86
(Open seat – Special Election Feb. 19)
Ibraheem Samirah Francesca Lucia
Constitutional Offices
Commonwealth’s Attorney Ray Morrogh Kyle Shivers
(703) 249-9816
Commonwealth’s Attorney Steve Descano Jack Kiraly                                     
(313) 303-8857
Sheriff Stacey Kincaid
Chairman, Board of Supervisors
(incumbent Sharon Bulova not running for re-election)
Chairman, Board of Supervisors Jeff McKay
Chairman, Board of Supervisors Ryan McElveen Thomas
Chairman, Board of Supervisors Tim Chapman Cristy Villalobos
Member, Board of Supervisors
Braddock James Walkinshaw Danni Gonyo
(804) 300-0238
Braddock Irma Corado
Hunter Mill Shyamali Hauth
Hunter Mill Parker Messick
Hunter Mill Laurie Dodd
Hunter Mill Walter Alcorn
Dranesville John Foust click for facebook page
Lee James Migliaccio
Lee Larysa Kautz
Lee Rodney Lusk
Lee Kelly Hebron
Mason Penny Gross
Mount Vernon Dan Storck Dave Evans
(703) 360-6044
Providence Erika Yalowitz
(703) 663-0555
Providence Dalia Palchik
Providence Edythe Kelleher
Providence Phil Niedzielski-Eichner
Springfield Linda Sperling
Sully Kathy Smith
School Board At-Large (competing for 3 seats)
At-Large Ilryong Moon
At-Large Karen Keys-Gamarra click for facebook page
At-Large Abrar Omeish
(703) 587-7104
At-Large Rachna Sizemore Heizer
District School Board Member
Braddock Megan McLaughlin click for facebook page
Hunter Mill Melanie Meren
Dranesville Alicia Plerhoples
Lee Tammy Kaufax
Mason Jessica Swanson
Mason Ricardy Anderson
Mt. Vernon Karen Corbett Sanders
Providence Jung Byun
Providence Karl Frisch
(703) 454-9369
Springfield Robert Walter
Springfield Laura Jane Cohen
(703) 655-6641
Sully Stella Pekarsky
Soil & Water Conservation Board Director (competing for 3 seats)
Soil & Water Gerald Peters
(703) 757-0314
(301) 512-4762 (mobile)
Soil & Water Elaine Tholen
(703) 216-2114
Soil & Water Mary Paulet (571) 645-0137
Soil & Water Jessica Bowser
Soil & Water Chris Koerner